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FIS Consumer and Business Credit Programs

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ICBA Bancard's FIS Credit program provides a comprehensive suite of products and services with customized credit card processing solutions that are uniquely tailored to your bank's business needs.

As a direct issuer of your own credit card program, your bank is in control—allowing flexibility and maximum profitability. FIS' full-processing support, turnkey programs, and comprehensive marketing solutions for Visa and Mastercard credit card programs make day-to-day operations seamless.


Benefits to Your Community Bank

  • Daily settlements for Visa/Mastercard transactions
  • Operational reports
  • 24/7 cardholder customer service
  • Online cardholder access (
  • Chargeback processing (lost and stolen discputes)
  • Managed cardholder loyalty, rewards and other enhancements
  • Optional marketing and maintenance services
  • Embossed, encoded and mailed plastics and PIN mailers
  • Generated and mailed statements
  • Training and reference materials
  • Client bulletins on enhancements and new products
  • Fraud detection services, including neural networks (Falcon)
  • Service level and quality assurance board oversight monitoring

Benefits of FIS Credit Program

  • Preferential pricing
  • Visa and Matercard sponsorship (optional)
  • No-cost portfolio analysis tool, Automated Card Expert (ACE)
  • Exclusive Fraud Loss Protection Plan
  • No-cost travel accident insurance
  • Education: webinars publications, regional card education seminars
  • Dedicated Bancard client relations department
  • Visa/Mastercard campaigns for your customers
  • Support for emerging products (digital wallets, EMV cards, contactless, etc.)

Get Started with FIS Credit Program

A dedicated ICBA Bancard representative will contact you to discuss your needs and identify the best payment solution for your bank.

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ICBA Bancard is an affiliate partner of Visa and Mastercard. Contact us to learn more about sponsorships.

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