3DS 2.0 Card-Not-Present Authentication Solution

ICBA Bancard, in partnership with CardinalCommerce offers a card-not-present (eCommerce) authentication solution that assists in measuring the fraud risk of eCommerce transactions prior to authorization. CardinalCommerce VCAS is a risk-based solution that works behind the scenes to evaluate each transaction based on data from Visa, the merchant and the issuer. CardinalCommerce VCAS uses information, including but not limited to transaction profiles, geo-location, device and session information, to score each transaction thereby reducing fraud and false declines.

Benefits of 3DS 2.0 via ICBA Bancard

For Fraud Loss Protection Plan participants: 

  • Authentication service is a free benefit for plan participants
  • Monthly cost covered for plan participants (minus associated network pass-thru fees)
  • Unique client-funded liability waiver program designed to mitigate card losses
  • Monthly cost covered for plan participants (minus associated card network pass-thru files)
  • Hosted and managed under a global rules strategy

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For non-Fraud Loss Protection Plan participants: 

  • ICBA Bancard has negotiated favorable pricing and service levels for community banks (contract terms available upon request)
  • Option to participate under global rules strategy or self-manage rules and strategies