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A NYCE Deal for Community Banks

Apr 30, 2018

A new agreement with the NYCE Payments Network, LLC, is bringing substantially discounted point-of-sale and ATM debit card services to ICBA Bancard clients.

For more than three decades, NYCE has consistently been both a pioneer and a leader in developing and delivering the connectivity that consumers demand to control how and when, they access their money. Now, ICBA Bancard community bank clients can affordably provide their customers with secure, real-time access to their money, while offering millions of point-of-sale locations and hundreds of thousands of ATM locations nationwide.

In addition to negotiating discounted and waived fees thanks to the agreement, ICBA Bancard community banks will also earn the highest tier of interchange revenue offered by any of the PIN networks.1

ICBA Bancard President and CEO Tina Giorgio recently said, “The new agreement with the NYCE Payments Network gives community banks a cost-effective solution for providing their customers with anytime, anywhere access to funds through the largest debit point-of-sale and ATM network in the country. Community banks can reap the benefits of this new partnership without switching their ATM or debit card processing.” She added that in some of the proformas ICBA Bancard has run for client banks, they have realized as much as $2,000 in savings per month.

Banks that take advantage of the provisions of the new agreement will not have
to reissue debit cards and cardholders will not experience any disruption of service. Furthermore, there is no conversion or implementation process.

This preferred participant agreement is available to qualifying ICBA Bancard clients who enroll before June 2019. To learn more about eligibility and ICBA Bancard’s preferred pricing please contact ICBA Bancard’s Client Relations team at 800-242-4770.

1 Federal Reserve System,