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Outsmarting cybercriminals starts with understanding their ever-evolving approach to fraud and maintaining comprehensive controls to prevent damage to your bank and its customers. ICBA Bancard works hard to help your bank limit  exposure to losses stemming from the fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and provides risk protection products (Fraud Loss Protection Plan and Card-Not-Present Authentication Solution), training, and resources to help navigate risk.

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ICBA's Cyber & Data Security Toolkit

ICBA's member exclusive Cyber & Data Security Toolkit can help your bank educate customers and be ready to face cyber and data security threats or breaches.

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Merchant Compliance Program Resources

Relevant documents, templates and resources for acquirers regarding PCI Security Standards and a source for best practices on implementing a security program. 

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Additional Risk Management Resources

Bank Info Security (news covering information security, risk management, privacy and fraud).

Consumer Communication

ICBA Bancard Cardholder Reissue Letter Template (Debit)
ICBA Bancard Cardholder Reissue Letter Template (Credit)
Bancard Cardholder Fraud Notification Letter Template (Credit)
Bancard Cardholder Fraud Notification Letter Template (Debit)

Recovery Programs
Your Global Compromise Account Recovery Program (GCAR) User Guide & Information

Visa Merchant Resource Library
Global Compromise Account Recovery Guide (GCAR, July 2017)
Compromised Account Management System (CAMS) Registration Form (Request form to receive CAMS alerts)
MasterCard Account Data Compromise Users Guide (February 2016)

If you require details regarding specific alerts, please contact your processor. 

Best Practices

ICBA Bancard Issuer Best Practices Sizing Up Risk (August 2015)
FIS Fraud Best Practices Guide (2015)
Visa Account Data Compromise Best Practices for Issuers (February 2015)
Visa Card Recovery Bulletin Service Users' Guide (June 2016)

Reference Tools

PCI Security Standards Council
Though the payment brands themselves determine, validate and enforce their PCI DSS compliance and reporting requirements, the PCI Security Standards Council provides a broad range of education, information and other resources on this website to assist with compliance efforts for banks, their merchants, and their service provider partners.

Visa Situational Intelligence Assessment: Cybercrime Techniques- Key Entered Card Present Fraud (August 2017)
Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP)
Visa Compliance Validation for Merchants (March 2015)
FIS SecurLock Product Sheet (August 2015)
FIS Fraud Alert Management Operations Guide (January 2015)
Fiserv Risk Office (July 2014)
Situational Intelligence Assessment - Cybercrime Techniques - Key Entered Card Present Fraud (August 2017)
Visa Global Instant Card Personalization Issuance Security Standards (December 2014)
Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants (April 2014)
Visa Fraud Reporting System (FRS) User's Guide (October 2013)
Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants (April 2011)
Global Visa Issuer Fraud Control Manual (January 2014)


Report a Common Point of Purchase

Visa and MasterCard have worked with issuers to develop a Common Point of Purchase (CPP) form to help issuers validate claims of a suspected compromise. The CPP form also helps align a common process that all issuers must adhere to for an investigation to be initiated. As part of the reporting form, specific data elements are required, such as merchant name, location, legitimate use timeframes, legitimate POS entry mode, account numbers, fraud patterns, fraud POS entry mode, fraud type and loss totals associated with each account.

This CPP form is not a replacement for fraud reporting through the Fraud Reporting System (FRS) and is to be used solely for investigative and tracking purposes.

Note: Username and password required to report Visa/Mastercard CPP. For Mastercard, go to 'Applications,' select 'Manage My Fraud Risk Programs' and 'Report Potential Account Data Compromise.'

CPP for Visa CPP For Mastercard