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Contactless Payments for ICBA Bancard Clients

Contactless acceptance has passed a tipping point in the U.S. as more than half of all card-present transactions now take place at contactless-enabled locations, with the majority occurring in everyday spend categories.

ICBA Bancard has compiled the below resources to educate your bank and market this product to your cardholders.

Contactless is Fast, Easy, and Secure

Now is the time to contact your processor about contactless payment and learn how to get started and plan ahead.

For additional turnkey resources, visit Visa and MasterCard
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Wireless Payments

Why Tap to Pay is preferred by merchants and customers

Contactless transactions are growing now more than ever, and consumer demand is increasing. See recommendations to encourage contactless payments and create a clean payment experience.

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Contactless is reinventing the way people pay

Contactless is a faster, easier and more secure way to pay. Visa has published a recent white paper about the global status of contactless, case studies and the benefits it brings.

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Contactless reinventing how people pay

The speed and convenience of contactless — contactless purchases are nearly 10 times faster than dipping most contact transactions — can help issuers convert $2 trillion in annual cash payments to card.”

Chris Reid
Executive Vice President
Services North America

Contactless FAQ

For community banks who are considering offering a dual-interface card (contactless) in the near future, we answer some general questions. Visit the US Payments Forum at for more information.

  • Q. What is a contactless card?

  • Q. How close does the card need to be when conducting the contactless transaction?

  • Q. Are contactless cards safe?

  • Q. If I want to make the switch to contactless plastics, what should my reissue strategy look like?

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