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Digital Payments Strategy Guide


ICBA Bancard, partnered with Aite Group, created a tool to help community banks develop and evolve their digital payments strategies. This community bank-focused tool offers an interactive exercise consisting of a series of questions, developed from extensive market research and community bank executive interviews, to reveal your bank’s current digital payments maturity and offer insights to build from its existing foundation, enabling community banks to create a custom digital payments strategy.

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At the June 2018 Visa Payments Forum, Visa reported that nearly 70 percent of all merchant terminals in the U.S. are now equipped with NFC (Near-Field Communication) setting the stage for contactless payments - the next phase of EMV. While many of these terminals have not yet been enabled, contactless payments will likely get a boost as first-gen EMV chip cards begin to expire and financial institutions strategically reissue plastics that feature chips embedded with NFC technology.

If your bank is considering offering Contactless, now is the time to contact your processor to learn how to get started and to plan ahead.

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Fraud Mitigation Strategies Webinar

How Effective Are Fraud Mitigation Strategies Used by Community Banks?

ICBA Bancard is pleased to share an on-demand webinar of Minneapolis Fed's Senior Payments Consultant, Amanda Dorphy, as she gives an exclusive look at the best fraud tools that are being deployed to protect bank and customer assets. Dorphy reviews the Minneapolis Fed’s 2017 Financial Institution Payments Fraud Mitigation Survey–Report of Results and identifies common fraud attacks and shares findings on what community-based financial institutions consider to be the most effective fraud mitigation tools. Learn how you can shore up your defenses against payment fraud and learn which fraud mitigation strategies are truly effective.

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