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ICBA Bancard helps community banks prepare for Instant Payment solutions that are moving quickly in the marketplace.

We will continue to update our resources below. Check back for additional articles, tools, and webinars to help community banks understand the ins and outs of instant payments adoption, use cases, and FedNow launch preparation.

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Ramping Up for the FedNow Launch Webinar Series

This three-part webinar series hosted by ICBA features speakers from the Federal Reserve Financial Services and is designed to help you create a plan for the FedNow launch.

Part One covers steps community banks can take to prepare for the FedNow Service which will be launched in 2023.

Part Two will dive into product specification for the FedNow Service including important features and use case opportunities for community banks, including risk, fraud and Request for Payment (RFP.)

Part Three will share lessons learned and best practices from community bankers that have already started the process of implementing instant payments.

Part Four of our FedNow webinar series, join Dan Gonzalez, Vice President – Director, National Accounts Federal Reserve Financial Services, in a session dedicated to ensuring your FedNow Service questions are answered. Are there instant payments that you continue to be unclear about?

Part Five of the FedNow webinar series, join this interactive session exploring use case opportunities with instant payments including P2P, A2A, C2B, and B2C. Learn how instant payments can benefit different industries and verticals including entertainment, education, hospitality, lending, travel, healthcare, non-profits and more. Community bankers will leave with more understanding and confidence around the benefits and opportunities that instant payments can offer to them as well as their business and consumer clients.

Do you know how instant payments varies across different payment types and how it fits into the evolving payments market? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get your questions answered and leave more confident in your knowledge of the FedNow Service as we look to 2023 – the FedNow launch year.

Part One

Delay No More: Creating Your FedNow Plan

Wednesday, July 13. 2-3pm Eastern

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Part Two

FedNow Features, A Deep Dive

Wednesday, August 24, 12-1:00PM Eastern

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Part Three

Lessons Learned from Community Banks Implementing Instant Payments

Wednesday, October 5, 12 -1pm Eastern

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Part Four

Preparing for 2023 and Q&A with a Fed expert

Tuesday, November 1, 12 -1pm Eastern

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Part Five

Exploring Instant Payments Use Cases

Thursday, January 12, 12 -1pm Eastern

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Instant Payments News

Nov 1, 2022 | NewsWatch Today

Fed official answering FedNow questions at webinar today

ICBA Bancard today is hosting a webinar to answer community banker questions about the mid-2023 launch of the FedNow instant payments service.

Aug 30, 2022 | NewsWatch Today

FedNow rollout set for May-July

Jun 22, 2022 | Bancard Confidential

A Note from the Chairman: Carpe Diem Instant Payments

Why Instant Payments Should Be on Your Digital Transformation Road Map

Oct 25, 2022
Even if you aren’t hearing the words “faster payments” or “instant payments” directly from your customers, trends and research show the demand is there – and rising. Recent Federal Reserve surveys reveal growing interest in faster payments

Why Small Businesses See a (Use) Case for Instant Payments

Apr 27, 2022
According to the Federal Reserve, nine in 10 businesses (or 29.25 million) expect to be able to send and receive instant payments by 2023. Fortunately, in many cases, community-based financial institutions have begun the process to meet these needs.
Next Steps Webinar Square Series

Next Steps on Your Instant Payments Journey Webinar Series

Increasing adoption/volume/use cases on the RTP network, the upcoming launch of the FedNow℠ Service, and customer demand are all fueling the need for community banks to ensure they have a plan and roadmap for implementing instant payments. Recorded Nov. 2-17, 2021.

In Part 1 of our webinar series on instant payments, we hear from Keith Gray, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with The Clearing House.

In Part 2 of our webinar series on instant payments, we hear from Connie Theien, Senior Vice President and Director, Payments Industry Relations with the Federal Reserve System.

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