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  • Embracing the new normal

    Whenever I hear the phrase, “the new normal” I’m reminded of the seismic shift in interactions with customers over the course of the pandemic. This is even more apparent when considering this new era in payments.

  • Cybersecurity Safety

    What exactly is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity, also known as information technology security, is the practice of protecting electronic systems, data, applications, and networks from the interference of the services they provide.

  • A Look Ahead: Payments in 2022

    It may be hard to believe but we’re rapidly approaching the end of 2021. Given some of the significant trends and developments this year, 2022 is likely to be a pivotal year for payments as well.

  • Migrating to 8-Digit BINs

    As the timeline for 8-digit bank identification number (BIN) migration approaches, it is important to stay up to date on developments and next steps in preparation for the new industry standard.

  • Payments Trends for 2022 Planning and Beyond

    We are in the midst of a transformative time in payments; COVID-19 has fueled an accelerated shift to digital channels, and meanwhile, new payment rails (instant) are being deployed and starting to gain adoption for the first time in decades.

  • Making customer interactions personal for a digitized world

    As in-branch visits decrease and the number of digital transactions increase, it will be more important than ever to ensure customer interactions are personalized and user friendly.

  • Protecting Against Digital Payments Fraud

    The pandemic has certainly played a role in escalating fraud on a global scale and throughout many payment pathways. The sudden cross-sectioning of these payment and transaction vectors has created increases in traditional fraud schemes.

  • Take your card portfolio to the next level with affluent cards

    As community banks review their card offerings and examine ways to attract more cardholders, one segment meriting a closer look are affluent or higher net worth customers.

  • Supporting Economic Recovery with Credit Card Rewards Programs

    To everything there is a season, or so the market shows via today’s rebounding economic environment. Anxieties around the pandemic have dipped, leading to changing consumer behaviors.

  • A Note from the Chairman

    This past year has been an intensely trying time, but if we look beyond the COVID-19 storm, we come face to face with a silver lining of opportunity. Community banks have been able to thrive during the pandemic because of who we are.

  • Do you have the right card products to meet the pent-up card spend?

    Strong consumer and business card programs are well positioned to meet bank, consumer, and business challenges fueled by excess deposits, changing payment channels, and post-COVID-19 pent-up demand.

  • Faster Payments – Meeting Market Demand

    The year 2020 drove many community banks to experiment and embark on faster payments. Concerns of payment disruption combined with the pressure to remain competitive are driving community banks to include faster payments in their strategic plans for the near future.

  • Meet your ICBA Bancard Support Team

    Our mission at ICBA Bancard is to deliver flexible, innovative payments and digital commerce solutions that allow community banks to flourish. ICBA Bancard’s client relations and relationship management teams are here to assist and are just an email or phone call away.

  • Migrating to 8-Digit BINs: Key Information to Consider Before Transitioning

    ICBA Bancard’s partner card networks, Visa and Mastercard®, have released several notices and bulletins regarding the migration to 8-digit Bank Identification Numbers or BINs, but many banks are left wondering why it is happening and what they need to do to prepare.

  • Credit Card Marketing: Driving Engagement and Combating Cardholder Fatigue

    Community banks that issue consumer credit cards are faced with some common challenges: how to match their card options (rewards vs. non-rewards) with the best promotions to produce a positive return on investment (ROI), and how to keep their cardholders engaged.

  • Payments Trends to Watch in 2021

    Few would disagree that COVID-19 was a catalyst for significant changes in the way that Americans shop and manage their money. In fact, many experts believe years of behavioral transformation occurred over a matter of months and many of these changes will endure even after the pandemic subsides.

  • A Note from the Chairman

    As community bankers, we rely on our partners for solutions from customer-facing technology to back-end efficiencies. With our emphasis on customer relationships, we have to get our partnerships right to ensure our customers stay satisfied and engaged with our banks.

  • Marketing Payments Products to Small Business Customers

    As community bank payment products become an increasingly central product line for small business customers, community banks are seeking new ways to connect with this important segment in today’s digitized environment.

  • Maximizing Your Credit Card Portfolio in a COVID-19 Environment

    COVID-19 has created financial strain for millions of Americans. For example, 56 percent of consumers have reported difficulties paying bills due to loss of employment or income, and another 76 percent of small businesses have acknowledged cash flow shortages.

  • Now is the time for card modernization

    Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s become a critical need that will determine winners and losers in the coming year. The delay in innovation within banking has meant that many card issuers are now rushing to catch up with the technology adoption seen in other industries.

  • Protecting Against Fraud as Adoption of Digital Payments Soar

    The global pandemic has prompted consumers to reimagine how they interact with others, how they handle their daily duties, and how they conduct their financial business.

  • A Note from the Chairman

    Overnight, our banks were called upon to enhance and expand our digital offerings not because they perhaps needed a technology upgrade, but because our customers needed to be able to transact in new, remote ways.

  • Shift in Spending Habits Spurs Acceleration of Digital Payments Transformation

    Community banks were already planning for a digital payments transformation, but the shift in spending habits during the coronavirus quarantine caused many community banks to accelerate, or prioritize, that transformation.

  • Mitigate Fraud and Increase Profitability

    In today’s card risk environment, your bank needs a comprehensive fraud strategy that includes cardholder education backed by powerful fraud prevention and detection technology.

  • Your ACE in the Hole: Optimize Your Credit Card Program Today

    A banker asked me recently how to increase the profits of his bank’s credit card program. This Midwest bank had been issuing cards for more than a decade, but recent growth had been stagnant, and the banker was looking for strategies to improve the portfolio.

  • Leverage the Power of AI to Predict Delinquencies

    Artificial intelligence is a hot topic across all lines of business in all industries, and banking is no exception. How an institution views AI’s place in its organization varies from one bank to the next.

  • Mobile Contactless Fraud Schemes: What You Need to Know

    Recently, with the growing popularity of mobile wallets and contactless cards, we are seeing criminals using contactless near-field communication (NFC) acceptance as an alternative way to monetize stolen magnetic stripe data. With the number of cardholder payment options available to consumers (e.g. magnetic stripe, mobile, contact chip, and contactless chip) it is increasingly important for issuers to take a comprehensive validation approach across the different form factors and interfaces through which a payment can be made. Use of best practices for point-of-sale (POS) entry modes validation is an essential step for identifying and preventing fraud.

  •  A New Tool to Fight Synthetic Identity Fraud

    In order to help combat synthetic identity fraud, Electronic Consumer Based Social Security Number Verification, or eCBSV, is being developed as a result of section 215 of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, Public Law (PL) 115-174.

  • 10 Tips for Community Banks to Fight Fraud this Holiday Season

  • Account Takeover Fraud – Where Does the Buck Stop?

    Account takeover fraud (ATO) continues to challenge consumers, businesses, and the financial services industry. This article examines today's ATO landscape and offers recommendations and protections for consumers, merchants, and financial institutions.