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Whether you're looking for credit, debit, ATM or merchant processing solutions, as an ICBA Bancard client, your community bank benefits from added risk management programs, expert consultation, product education, turnkey marketing programs, dedicated customer service, and much more, tailored specifically to your community bank.


Preferred Pricing

Representing thousands of community banks nationwide, ICBA Bancard negotiates for the best pricing on solutions and services on your behalf, providing preferred costs that would otherwise be unavailable to individual banks.


Comprehensive Risk Protection

Our Fraud Loss Protection Plan helps you limit exposure to losses stemming from the fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and comes with a card-not-present authentication solution free of charge to FLPP participating banks.


Superior Product Development

We provide optimal support for the integration of emerging technologies, such as digital wallets, mobile payments, EMV/chip cards, and more.


Dedicated Customer Support

ICBA Bancard helps maximize quality control and operational efficiency at your bank and treats your customers like their own.


Dynamic Marketing Initiatives

Get access to turnkey promotional materials for your bank, plus exclusive access to marketing resource guides to promote activation and usage.


Timely Education & Training

We strive to help community banks maintain their competitiveness and regularly host webinars, conferences and produce a number of newsletters on a wide-range of payments topics. 

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ICBA Convention Attendees Donate to Cause Supporting Homeless Las Vegas Youth

Mar 27, 2018
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ICBA Bancard Fund Matching Brings Donation Tally to Over $11K

Washington, D.C. (March 27, 2018)—The Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) today announced that its partnership with Project 150 raised more than $11,000 during the ICBA Community Banking LIVE® national convention from March 13-17 in Las Vegas. The generous donations were made by community bankers attending the ICBA convention, along with a matching contribution from ICBA’s payments services subsidiary, ICBA Bancard, and its partner, FIS. The initiative to support underprivileged high school students in Las Vegas also collected more than 800 high-demand items, including school supplies, personal toiletries and clothing.

Project 150 is a non-profit dedicated to helping local homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students graduate from high school through the provision of gently used clothes, nonperishable food, school supplies, and other personal necessities.

“Community bankers are known for their community outreach, so when ICBA Bancard was approached about using our Charitable Giving platform to assist with online donations, we were thrilled to lend our support to this worthwhile cause,” ICBA Bancard President and CEO Tina Giorgio said. “The fact that we were able to use a feature within the online portal to create a charitable matching campaign was rewarding and a testament to how far ICBA Bancard has come, but more importantly, it facilitated one more way to support community banks and their spirit of giving.”

Americans last year donated roughly $390 billion to charitable causes, yet only 7 percent of payments were made online, according to the Giving USA Annual Report on Philanthropy. The Charitable Giving platform, powered by FIS, provides an opportunity to move these to digital (or electronic) transactions.

ICBA Bancard clients that sign up for the easy-to-use online portal have access to one-click reporting, offering greater efficiency and transparency in the payments process. ICBA Bancard also provides turnkey marketing materials to help promote the giving platform to current and prospective cardholders.

“It was an honor to work alongside community bankers in support of our nation’s at-risk youth, helping ensure these promising students fulfill their potential,” said Meli Pulido, executive director at Project 150. “These contributions will be put to good use as we work to address the serious plight of homelessness in the United States.”

For more information about Project 150, visit www.project150.org.

For more about ICBA Bancard’s charity portal, contact client relations at 800-242-4770 or bancard@icba.org.

About ICBA Bancard

ICBA Bancard® is the wholly owned payment services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America. ICBA Bancard’s community bank issuers generated $22 billion in sales volume in 2015 and are ranked collectively as the 25th largest credit card portfolio in the United States. ICBA Bancard enables thousands of community banks to provide competitive credit card, debit card, ATM and merchant processing solution. The company also provides exclusive services to issuers including its Fraud Loss Protection Plan, marketing support, and product education. For more information, visit www.icbabancard.org.


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"I have come to the realization that we are no longer only a depository institution. We're a payments institution. ICBA Bancard helps me round out my services to give my customers access to funds - whenever and however they want - and ways to interact with their funds that fit their needs." 

Noah Wilcox, President & CEO, Grand Rapids State Bank


"ICBA Bancard's marketing support has been instrumental in helping to galvanize employees to showcase the value of of our credit card offerings."

Roberta R. Robinson, Vice President, Compliance & BSA Officer, Centinel Bank of Taos


"Our primary concern is that our customers are safeguarded against unauthorized charges on their accounts. Thanks to ICBA Bancard's Fraud Loss Protection Plan we have a level of protection that helps guard our bottom line too."

B. Doyle Mitchell, Jr., President & CEO, Industrial Bank

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