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What Community Banks Need to
Know About Real-Time Payments

Experts Rebecca Kruse, ICBA Bancard, and Ben Greene, Finzly, discuss how community banks can participate in real-time payments.

They provide an in-depth overview of real-time payments, how it works, and what to expect with FedNow.

They review trends in real-time payments adoption, top use cases, and potential revenue streams. They introduce payments hubs and give tips on how banks can get started with real-time payments.

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Plan Manager

Organization Profile Guide:
ICBA Bancard Plan Manager Update

It's time to update your Bancard Plan Manager information! This guide was developed to assist ICBA Bancard client banks to edit and maintain their organization’s credit and debit program contacts, known as Bancard Credit Plan Managers or Bancard Debit Plan Managers in our job function menu.

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Rewards Program Square

Cultivating the Strategic Value of Credit Card Rewards Programs

Given the increasing popularity of credit card rewards programs, ICBA Bancard and TCM Bank, N.A., dove into the landscape to explore the latest trends, developments, and opportunities for community banks.

Cultivating the Strategic Value of Credit Card Rewards Programs looks at where community banks can grow their offerings to better support current and future customers and deepen their relationships in the process.

ICBA Members can read the rest of the key takeaways and the full white paper by downloading it here. To see how community banks can dominate the credit card loyalty game, download this printable infographic.


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Digital Payments Strategy Guide

ICBA Bancard, partnered with Aite Group, created a tool to help community banks develop and evolve their digital payments strategies. This community bank-focused tool offers an interactive exercise consisting of a series of questions, developed from extensive market research and community bank executive interviews, to reveal your bank’s current digital payments maturity and offer insights to build from its existing foundation, enabling community banks to create a custom digital payments strategy.

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TAP & GO – Contactless Payments

Contactless acceptance has passed a tipping point in the U.S. as more than half of all card-present transactions now take place at contactless-enabled locations, with the majority occurring in everyday spend categories.

ICBA Bancard encourages our debit and credit card issuing banks to adopt contactless cards and promote their card use.

Bancard has compiled resources to educate your bank and market this product to your cardholders.

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Tina Giorgio Tinas Take

"[Community] banks can leverage contactless payments as another way to meet their consumers evolving needs.”

Tina Giorgio
President and CEO
ICBA Bancard 

Update your digital payments experience

Digital commerce is accelerating faster than ever. In this Mastercard webinar, we discuss customers’ changing spending behaviors and how to make your bank’s credit and debit cards digital-ready.

Learn about the benefits of tokenization and its importance to innovation of digital payments.

Improving Your Digital Presence: A Formula-Driven Approach to Winning Customers Online

Fintel Connect’s Alana Levine put together a high-level recap of the webinar Fintel presented for ICBA Bancard on building a digital strategy that works for your bank. Here are the key takeaways to help get you started – just in time for budgeting season!

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Fraud Mitigation Strategies Webinar

How Effective Are Fraud Mitigation Strategies Used by Community Banks?

ICBA Bancard is pleased to share an on-demand webinar of Minneapolis Fed's Senior Payments Consultant, Amanda Dorphy, as she gives an exclusive look at the best fraud tools that are being deployed to protect bank and customer assets.

Dorphy reviews the Minneapolis Fed’s 2017 Financial Institution Payments Fraud Mitigation Survey–Report of Results and identifies common fraud attacks and shares findings on what community-based financial institutions consider to be the most effective fraud mitigation tools. Learn how you can shore up your defenses against payment fraud and learn which fraud mitigation strategies are truly effective.

If you are an ICBA member, log in to our website to register for "How Effective Are Fraud Mitigation Strategies Used by Community Banks."

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