Plan Manager

An ICBA Bancard-curated client resource for FIS Direct Credit Issuers to maximize profitability

Information and resources for plan managers to oversee your FIS Direct Credit program, from launch to beyond. Marketing resources, employee training, best practices and guidance, and an ICBA Bancard-curated list of resources to help you optimize your program and manage risk.

Bancard Payments

Miriam Funn

Vice President of Client Relations


Client Relations Team

The ICBA Bancard Client Relations staff is available to assist you with questions regarding the Bancard relationship, credit program, promotions, and communications. Our team is a resource available to your bank, in addition to your day-to-day FIS Client Relations contacts. You can reach us at: [email protected] or 800-242-4770.

Portfolio Management

ICBA Bancard-curated tools and resources to maximize profitability.

  • ACE: ICBA Bancard’s self-guided portfolio analysis tool; see your portfolio’s profitability and growth; great for board reports (“Automated Card Expert”).
  • Credit Card Life Cycle: Engage your cardholders for a long-term relationship: penetration, activation, usage, and beyond.
  • Best Practices: Payment kiting, parameter settings, and more.
  • Compliance: Frequently requested resources.



Stay informed, take advantage of our latest marketing assets, and never miss an important communication from Bancard.

  • Education: Exclusive for ICBA Bancard clients – see what’s new.
  • Marketing: Exclusive for ICBA Bancard clients – see what’s new.

Why Bancard – A Year End Review

ICBA Bancard provides multiple benefits to our clients. Last year, Bancard provided the following cumulative benefits to our FIS Direct Credit issuing banks:

  • Distributed $2,026,414 in Tiering & Longevity rebates across all participating banks.
  • Bancard saved its Fraud Loss Protection Plan participants just over $205,000 in confirmed fraud dollars against a total volume of just over $2.1M in eCommerce transactions in 2018.
  • Saved banks an average of $7,300 annually in processing fee rebates.

Have you seen your most recent Bancard Benefits Statement? Contact us to request it.