Continuing the ThinkTECH Accelerator Journey

Aug 21, 2020
Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, which is why we recently kicked off its application period for our third ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator cohort--to maintain the program's momentum and ongoing quest to identify technology solutions that solve for community bank pain points.

Brave New Housing Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Community Banks

Aug 18, 2020
While policymakers continue debating new approaches to mitigate the coronavirus' ongoing impact, one issue has attracted newfound scrutiny as the pandemic’s economic consequences unfold: How will these financial pressures affect the U.S. housing market?

When Fintech Meets Regtech

Aug 12, 2020
Unless you have been living on a desert island for the past few years, you would be hard-pressed to miss the technological revolution that is sweeping our nation’s financial system and the larger global economy.

7 Tips for Mitigating Synthetic Identity Fraud Risk

Aug 11, 2020
Catching synthetic identity fraudsters remains difficult, and the fall-out of not detecting it, is substantial. AI company Coalesce estimates that synthetic identities account for more than 20 percent of losses in a loan portfolio, and for credit, they average 4.6 times the typical loss.

Strengthening Small-Business Relationships with Payments

Aug 5, 2020
Community banks have long served the small-business market, but given the pandemic impact, new opportunities have emerged to support these customers’ payments needs and address areas of friction.

Customer Data Sharing: What you (and your customers) should know

Jul 28, 2020
When I think about customer-permissioned data sharing, I am reminded of the scene from the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Ferris and his best friend, Cameron, leave the keys to a Ferrari with an attendant only to discover later that the valet has taken the luxury sports car out for a joy-ride.

July 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Jul 24, 2020
Even with business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place, some banks have recently been forced to implement policies and procedures that they were not prepared for.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Lending

Jul 22, 2020
Well before coronavirus saturated our headlines, community banks accounted for 60 percent of small-business lending, served 58 percent of small businesses nationwide as their primary lender, and lent over $1.5 trillion to small businesses in 2019 alone.

Falls Fintech: A Case Study in Launching a Bank-Based Accelerator

Jul 20, 2020
Central Payments, the payments arm of the $238 million-asset Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC) never imagined that a few days into their Falls Fintech accelerator program, they’d have to transition to a fully virtual experience. But due to COVID-19, that’s exactly what happened.

Stats Offer Perspective on Community Bank PPP Loan Impact

Jul 17, 2020
It’s no surprise that community banks have been financial first responders during the coronavirus pandemic. Their mission, vision and commitment to community is well-known, but research reveals the true extent of their impact.

Positioning ICBA Bancard for the Future: What’s Your Why?

Jul 14, 2020
Back in 1985, the first Macintosh computer debuted, and by today’s standards, it was a boxy, clunky, slow unit, yet Consumer Reports gave it a glowing review and cited the mouse and use of icons as technological breakthroughs. This demonstrates a key point: 35 years is a long time when we consider the rate of technological change.

Capitalizing on Bank-Centric Bill Payment Opportunity

Jul 13, 2020
With U.S. consumers paying approximately 15 billion bills valued at $4 trillion annually, nearly 30 percent of all consumer spending comes in the form of bill payment. This market presents significant opportunities for community banks.

Staying Connected Amid COVID-19

Jul 7, 2020
Crisis response is not a new concept for community banks that have weathered economic recessions, natural and man-made disasters, and previous pandemics—all of which presented unique challenges that tested the industry’s resiliency and provided valuable lessons

SBA releases loan-level PPP data

Jul 6, 2020
The SBA and Treasury Department just publicly released loan-by-loan information about Paycheck Protection Program loans, as they said they would on June 19.

Mapping out career paths

Jul 2, 2020
Given today’s competitive labor market and rising employee expectations, finding the right talent for your bank can be challenging. So, why not look internally and focus on the human capital that you already have?

Reflecting on ICBA Bancard’s 35-Year History of Success

Jun 30, 2020
In celebration of ICBA Bancard’s 35th anniversary, I sat down with our Chairman Greg Deckard, president, CEO and chairman of State Bank Northwest to reflect on key milestones that have led to the organization’s success.

A Guide for Community Banks Reopening Their Doors

Jun 29, 2020
ICBA has compiled a guide to help community banks resume more normal operations and person-to-person services.

June 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Jun 29, 2020
Community Banker University® has noted an uptick in the number of bankers completing online training. Unfortunately, we have also seen a few instances where bankers are completing courses, but the system is not marking them as closed.

Paycheck Protection Plan Flexibility Act Increases PPP Loan Program Flexibility

Jun 29, 2020
On June 5, 2020, the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) Flexibility Act was signed into law by the President. The PPP Flexibility Act could help organizations that may still be closed or partially closed meet the requirements for forgiveness.

Raising Community Banker Awareness of CDFIs

Jun 29, 2020
ICBA is working to raise awareness of a special designation available to certain community banks – the Community Development Financial Institution.