Paycheck Protection Program Data Show Community Bank Pandemic Response Outperformed Larger Lenders

Nov 5, 2021
The Paycheck Protection Program offered millions of small businesses a critical financial lifeline to weather an extraordinary economic downturn engendered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Trust in Code? Smart Contracts, DeFi, and Use Cases for Community Banking

Nov 4, 2021
Smart contracts — computer programs that automatically execute specific actions — are becoming increasingly relevant to community banks. Here’s a breakdown of smart contracts and how they could ultimately serve community banks.

Paycheck Protection Program Data Show Community Banks Acted Expeditiously to Save Small Businesses

Nov 2, 2021
The Paycheck Protection Program originated its final loans nearly three months ago. Over the preceding year, this Marshall Plan for small businesses provided critical financial assistance to nearly 5 million individual borrowers.

Community Bank Cybersecurity Mitigation Checklist

Nov 1, 2021
Between March and June of last year banks experienced a 520% increase in phishing and ransomware attempts. Though these trends were exacerbated by COVID, cybersecurity has been a top concern for the financial services industry for years.

Cybersecurity Experts offer Tips to Help Community Banks Shore up Defenses

Oct 28, 2021
A recent 21st Century from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors report indicates that more than 80% of bankers ranked cybersecurity risk as “very important,” which was more than twice the rate for any other type of operational risk.

How Open Banking Can Help Community Banks Deliver on Digital Expectations

Oct 26, 2021
Have you ever been ready to jump into your next meeting only to notice you didn’t have your mobile phone? If so, I’m betting you felt a sense of panic that only subsided once your phone was back in hand.Because without it, you’d lost your lifeline.

October 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Oct 25, 2021
If like many banks, your employee training runs from January to December, that means you only have two more months to complete the mandatory training courses that are required by specific regulations.

IRS Reporting Grassroots Campaign Evolves with Congressional Debate

Oct 22, 2021
ICBA’s campaign against Washington’s IRS reporting proposal has helped consumers speak out against the plan. But as the debate evolves, the campaign now demands that community bankers increase their grassroots outreach through calls and messages to Capitol Hill.

Continuing Your Community Bank’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey

Oct 20, 2021
A new educational webinar series hosted by ICBA and Jackson Lewis starts tomorrow. This series will speak to community bank considerations around diversity and provide greater insights into both the why and how behind diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Key Take-Aways from Federal Reserve Report on Community Bank Innovation

Oct 18, 2021
High-tech, high touch. That phrase has been a rallying cry for community banks for years, emphasizing the blending of the relationship banking model with the technology fueling today’s digital era. And now the expression has bubbled up in a new source.

Four ways banks can cater to generational trends

Oct 18, 2021
As earning power among millennials and Generation Z is expected to grow, banks need to develop strategies for drawing customers from these younger cohorts while also continuing to serve their existing customer base.

Podcast features Banking as a Service case study

Oct 18, 2021
In the first episode of Communities of Innovation, an ICBA Podcast, ICBA Chief Innovation Officer Charles Potts sits down with Coastal Community Bank CEO Eric Sprink to discuss how bank leadership can advance a new Banking as a Service model.

Portfolios morph: Investment securities have undergone big changes this year.

Oct 18, 2021
If there’s a constant in the world of a community bank investment manager, it’s disappointment. If you buy a bond today and yields go down tomorrow, you wish you’d have bought more; if yields go up, you wish you had bought none.

Will D&I requirements change this year?

Oct 18, 2021
How does your bank’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) compliance program compare with the regulatory standards for D&I policies and practices?

Three Proven Factors in Fintech Success with Community Banks

Oct 13, 2021
In this latest blog, ICBA senior vice president and chief innovation officer Charles Potts, writes about the key factors that lead fintechs to success in the community banking space.

What will bank customers be looking for in 2022?

Oct 7, 2021
Despite evolutionary changes since 2020 in how people earn and spend, the key to a community bank’s success in 2022 will be a few things: personalization of products and services and ease of doing business.

Ken Singh Named to ICBA Independent Banker’s 40 Under 40: Emerging Community Bank Leaders List

Oct 7, 2021
Independent Banker magazine, the award-winning monthly publication of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), unveiled its annual 40 Under 40: Emerging Community Bank Leaders list.

ICBA Research Reveals Characteristics of Today’s Community Bank Customers

Oct 6, 2021
Today’s COVID-influenced environment has shifted customer tendencies and behaviors unlike anything we’ve witnessed before. The actions and activities of customers you have known have evolved, and potential new customers are now seeking different products and services than they would have just two years ago.

Reaching out to Unbanked and Underbanked Hispanic Customers

Oct 5, 2021
As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, community bankers continue to discuss new ways of reaching out to the Hispanic community in their local areas and offer tips to connect with this diverse and burgeoning community.

ICBA’s 2021 National Community Bank Service Award winners

Oct 5, 2021
ICBA’s National Community Bank Service Award winners for 2021 demonstrate that when their local areas need support, community banks are there with innovative, compassionate and thoughtful responses.