Kimberly Weeks

Stone Castle Partners, Inc
Industry: Funding, Capital, FDIC insured solutions


When Kimberly Weeks joined StoneCastle Partners, LLC with the task of growing the company's bank client base, she turned to a solution that had served her well in the past - ICBA Corporate Associate membership. At the two previous employers, Weeks had used ICBA Membership as the cornerstone of her growth strategy, and during her tenure effectively doubled both employers' bank customers.


Weeks crafted a strategic, multi-touch nurturing campaign that fully leveraged ICBA membership benefits, such as in-house mail services and discounted advertising and exhibit space. Leading up to ICBA Community Banking LIVE, she and her staff carefully scrutinized the banker attendee list provided to her by ICBA to identify existing clients and prospects. Weeks then worked with ICBA's mail house services to develop a targeted postcard inviting these individuals to stop by the StoneCastle Partners booth.


Weeks was so pleased with booth traffic that after the convention, StoneCastle upgraded its ICBA Corporate Associate membership to the Select level. "I sat down with the membership brochure and reviewed everything we are doing and everything we want to do. I am here to get the most out of our investment with ICBA and I know that we will be far more effective at the Select membership level."