Jim Ghiglieri

  • Senior Vice President Relationship Development
  • SHAZAM, Inc.
  • ATM Services, Card services, Core Services, EFT Services


As a former community banker and a past Chairman of ICBA, Jim Ghiglieri joined SHAZAM in 2008 with a unique understanding of how ICBA works and the value community bankers place in its advocacy. With that perspective in mind, Ghiglieri sought out opportunities through ICBA's Corporate Associate membership program that he knew would raise brand awareness for SHAZAM and give its account executives direct access to community bank decision-makers.


SHAZAM leverages its ICBA relationship through a coordinated effort that builds upon multiple membership benefits. Ghiglieri says that his marketing team has the process down to a science and carefully thinks about what they want to accomplish when creating its sales and marketing calendar for the year. The Iowa-based company is a frequent advertiser in ICBA Independent Banker and selectively uses its membership discounts to appear in special-focus issues that contribute to its reputation as an industry thought leader. SHAZAM attends many state and national events throughout they year, but Ghiglieri says that none does a better job coordinating interaction with the bankers than ICBA.


Ghiglieri concludes, "So much of our market is community banks and ICBA just give us access to that pool of existing customers and prospects that we can't get anywhere else. We've never been disappointed."