Why Choose ICBA Bancard

ICBA Bancard unites the combined strength of ICBA’s membership to help community banks offer competitive credit, debit and merchant processing options thereby strengthening their customer relationships and their bottom line. ICBA Bancard is the 25th largest credit card portfolio in the country and the 8th largest debit card portfolio in the country, generating more than $26 billion in annual sales volume. As the source of the best pricing, programs and consultative support in the industry, our clients benefit from:


Preferred Pricing

  • Preferential Pricing - Discounts available from best-in-class vendors thanks to aggregated buying power.
  • Association and Network Sponsorship - Save on participation costs with options from Visa, Mastercard, Plus, Cirrus, Maestro and Interlink.
  • Low-cost Card Plastics.


Innovative Programs

  • Fraud Liability Protection - Safeguard against catastrophic losses with ICBA Bancard’s exclusive Fraud Loss Protection Plan™ for credit and debit.
  • Product Development - Support for and access to emerging technologies like mobile payments (Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®), tokenization, etc.
  • Competitive Loyalty Programs - Travel awards, gift merchandise, cash rebates and additional rewards options (processor dependent).
  • Free Portfolio Analysis Tool - Track key metrics with measurable results for informed decision making (processor dependent).


Ultimate Support

  • Education - Webinars, conferences and publications on wide-ranging payment topics, including best practices and trending issues and products.
  • Marketing Support - Turnkey promotional materials to grow and promote your card program(s).
  • Industry Representation - Advocacy in Washington, D.C.; visibility with Visa and Mastercard on key card councils.
  • Client Relations Support - A dedicated staff with industry and ICBA Bancard-specific knowledge to assist banks with program management.
  • Complimentary Credit Card Portfolio Consultations - Expert staff on call to help you maximize your card program profitability.
  • Conversion Assistance

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