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ICBA Bancard is the wholly owned payment services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America® and has been managing payments solutions for the nation's community banks since 1985. ICBA Bancard provides community banks with access to comprehensive, affordable payments solutions with the best group pricing, service levels, and unique benefits that would otherwise not be available to individual banks. ICBA Bancard is the 11th largest debit card issuer and the 24th largest credit card issuer in the United States (Source: The Nilson Report).


Unparalleled Consultation and Support for the Nation's Community Banks

As the Independent Community Bankers of America’s® (ICBA) payment services provider, ICBA Bancard also serves as an advocate for independent community banks in national policy discussions about the payments ecosystem. Part of ICBA and ICBA Bancard's mission is to educate community banks about the need to actively offer payment services in order to retain their best customers, earn profitable returns and be respected as full-fledged participants in the marketplace.