• Bancard and TCM Bank White Paper

    Cultivating the Strategic Value of Credit Card Rewards Programs

    Get up-to-speed on the best ways to support current and future customers and deepen your relationships in the process by reading “Cultivating the Strategic Value of Credit Card Rewards Programs,” a white paper from ICBA Bancard and TCM Bank.

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  • Management

    Organization Profile Guide: ICBA Bancard Plan Manager Update

    It's time to update your Bancard Plan Manager information! This guide was developed to assist ICBA Bancard client banks to edit and maintain their organization’s credit and debit program contacts. Please complete this update by March 15, 2021 to receive all the benefits of your relationship with Bancard.

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  • Payments Graphic

    Powerful Marketing Strategy and Execution with PaymentsEdge

    ICBA Bancard is offering a free one-year marketing subscription with a value of $1,500 to participating Visa credit and debit issuers for PaymentsEdge Marketing Services.

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  • Payments Assessment

    ICBA Bancard's Digital Payments Strategy Tool

    Built specifically for small businesses and exclusive to ICBA members this new Digital Payments Strategy Assessment helps community banks create custom digital payments strategy.

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    Unrivaled Payments Support

    Whether you're looking for credit, debit, ATM or merchant processing solutions, as an ICBA Bancard client, your bank benefits from added risk management programs, expert consultation, product education, turnkey marketing programs, dedicated customer service, and much more, tailored specifically to your community bank.


    Preferred Pricing

    Representing thousands of community banks nationwide, ICBA Bancard negotiates for the best pricing on solutions and services on your behalf, providing preferred costs that would otherwise be unavailable to individual banks.


    Comprehensive Risk Protection

    Our Fraud Loss Protection Plan helps you limit exposure to losses stemming from the fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and comes with a card-not-present authentication solution free of charge to FLPP participating banks.


    Superior Product Development

    We provide optimal support for the integration of emerging technologies, such as digital wallets, mobile payments, EMV/chip cards, and more.


    Dedicated Customer Support

    ICBA Bancard helps maximize quality control and operational efficiency at your bank and treats your customers like their own.


    Dynamic Marketing Initiatives

    Get access to turnkey promotional materials for your bank, plus exclusive access to marketing resource guides to promote activation and usage.


    Timely Education & Training

    We strive to help community banks maintain their competitiveness and regularly host webinars, conferences and produce a number of newsletters on a wide-range of payments topics.

    “We take great pride in our mission to help community banks flourish and will continue to seek out products and services that create the best payments experiences for their customers.”

    — ICBA Bancard President and CEO Tina Giorgio


    Tina's Take



    • Visa U.S. Economic Outlook (April 2021)

      Apr 13, 2021
      Over the last month, the contours of growth for 2021 came into sharper focus. Nonfarm employment rose by 916,000 in March, while consumer confidence hit its highest mark since the start of the pandemic.
    • Visa Global Economic Insights (March 2021)

      Apr 05, 2021
      Last year as millions sheltered at home, e-commerce proved crucial to keeping retail sales flowing. Now, as outbreaks begin to subside and mobility returns, e-commerce’s share of total sales has fallen from its 2020 peak, raising questions about the lasting impact of the abrupt shift to e-commerce.
    • Visa Prepaid Manual Cash Advances (March 2021)

      Mar 23, 2021
      Visa requires that all U.S. Visa bank branches must honor and enable cash disbursements for all valid Visa Prepaid cards, whether or not the card is embossed or personalized with the cardholder’s name.
    • Visa Global Economic Insights (Nov. 2020)

      Dec 01, 2020
      This month’s report includes details on: how advanced economies have recovered faster from the economic downturn; three distinct ways in which consumers have adapted in those markets; the COVID-19 Economic Impact Index; and regional recovery updates.
    • Visa U.S. Small Business Outlook (Fall 2020)

      Dec 01, 2020
      Wayne Best, Chief Economist at Visa, shares that “small businesses are far less likely to be delinquent on their credit cards. See full report for details on small business payments trends.

    Man Holding Credit Card

    ICBA Bancard offers free an analysis performed by ICBA Bancard staff experts, to provide insights into your credit card portfolio.

    With data provided by you below, and utilizing our own ACE credit portfolio analysis tool, we provide insights into your portfolio’s accounts, outstanding balances, revenue, and sales volume growth.

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    What Our Clients Say



    "I have come to the realization that we are no longer only a depository institution. We're a payments institution. ICBA Bancard helps me round out my services to give my customers access to funds - whenever and however they want - and ways to interact with their funds that fit their needs." 

    Noah Wilcox, President & CEO, Grand Rapids State Bank

    "ICBA Bancard's marketing support has been instrumental in helping to galvanize employees to showcase the value of of our credit card offerings."

    Roberta R. Robinson, Vice President, Compliance & BSA Officer, Centinel Bank of Taos
    "Our primary concern is that our customers are safeguarded against unauthorized charges on their accounts. Thanks to ICBA Bancard's Fraud Loss Protection Plan we have a level of protection that helps guard our bottom line too."

    B. Doyle Mitchell, Jr., President & CEO, Industrial Bank

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