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EtherTel Networks, LLC

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EtherTel Networks, LLC is a Telecommunications Consulting/Brokerage Company supporting Community Banks in finding the most efficient, cost effective telecom carrier options/solutions in their markets. EtherTel facilitates proposals from multiple carrier options and provides the client with low rate guarantees from every available carrier in their market, including their existing carrier. By ordering telecom carrier services through EtherTel Networks, clients average a 27% reduction in monthly carrier costs, and enjoy the free management and consulting of our ongoing client support services. We work directly with carriers to ensure our clients benefit from the most cost-effective and service-efficient relationship possible.

Contact Information
Address: 256 Seaboard Lane, Ste. B105
Franklin, TN  37067-4810
Phone: (615) 550-1626
Fax: (615) 468-4509
More information: Mr. Robert W. Spining
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