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Eliminate FCS Tax Subsidies

ICBA Priority Policy Resolution: Stopping the Farm Credit System

ICBA to Treasury:  Do Not Renew $10 Billion LOC for FCS

Opposition to FCA Allowing CoBank Loan to Verizon

Support of ‘Say on Pay' for FCS Institutions

Opposition to FCS/FCA ‘Secret’ Public Meetings

Opposing FCS Expanded Powers Grab

Anti-FCS Banker Testimonies

Previous FCS Proposals

CoBank Lending Proposal (LLCs)

Ag Lender Track Presentations from the 2014 ICBA National Convention & Techworld

Date Title Publication
07/24/2015 Farm Credit Lenders Financing Major Alcohol Beverage Firm NewsWatch Today
07/15/2015 Farm Credit System Net Income Tops $4.7B in 2014 NewsWatch Today
06/25/2015 Farm Credit System Reports on Young, Beginning, Small Farmers NewsWatch Today
06/24/2015 Farm Credit Reopens Comment Period on Proposed Capital Rules NewsWatch Today
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/20/2015 Comment Letter on Mergers, Consolidations and Charter Amendments of Banks or Associations Letter to Regulators
03/03/2015 Tax Advantaged Farm Credit System GSE Priority Policy Resolution
12/22/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Regulatory Capital Letter to Regulators
12/17/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Pensions Letter to Regulators
11/18/2014 Follow Up Letter on FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
10/31/2014 FCA Letter in Response to 10/20/14 ICBA Letter FCA Letter to ICBA
10/23/2014 FCA Proposal to Amend Current Regulations Governing Investments Held by Farm Credit Banks and Associations Letter to Regulators
10/20/2014 FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
04/30/2014 Support of ‘Say on Pay' for FCS Institutions Letter to Regulators
01/15/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Meeting Letter to Regulators
11/14/2013 ICBA Statement on FCA Decision to Withdraw Proposed Rule On Farm Credit System Non-Farm Investment Program News Release
10/22/2013 ICBA Asks Farm Credit System Regulator to Explain CoBank Loan to Verizon News Release
10/21/2013 CoBank Loan to Verizon Letter to Regulators
07/24/2013 Tax Subsidies for the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
05/08/2013 Joint Letter Opposing the Expansion of the Farm Credit System (FCS) Letter to Congress
04/22/2013 FCS Senior Officer and Executive Compensation Letter to Regulators
11/12/2012 FCA's Proposed Regulation on Unincorporated Business Entities (UBEs) Letter to Regulators
10/25/2011 FCS Lending in FHA Mortgage Insurance Programs Letter to Regulators
05/12/2011 Follow Up to FCA Proposal to Allow FCS Lenders to Purchase Loans of Failed Banks from the FDIC Letter to Regulators
10/18/2010 FDIC Loan Purchases Letter to Regulators
07/19/2010 Loan Purchases from FDIC Letter to Regulators
08/15/2008 Rural Community Investments Proposed Rule Letter to Regulators
07/10/2008 Chairman Frank, House Financial Services Members, Oppose FCS Expansion Proposal Letter to the Hill
02/08/2008 The Coming Farm Credit Threat In 2008 IWR
10/25/2007 ICBA Praises Senate Agriculture Committee for Advancing the 2007 Farm Bill News Release
10/22/2007 ICBA, 38 State Community Banking Associations Oppose FCS Lending Expansion to Non-Farm Activities News Release
10/19/2007 Industry Letter Opposing Any Farm Credit Expansion in the 2007 Farm Bill Letter to the Hill
09/25/2007 Anti-FCS Coalition Letter Sent to Senators Letter to the Hill
09/24/2007 ICBA Letter Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
09/07/2007 FCS Seeks Expansion in Senate Farm Bill IWR
07/27/2007 Industry Thank You Letter for Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
07/26/2007 ICBA Applauds U.S. House for Passing Frank-Bachus Amendment News Release
07/25/2007 Letter Supporting Frank/Bachus Amendment to 2007 Farm Bill (H.R. 2419) Letter to the Hill
07/25/2007 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass Frank-Bachus Amendment to Limit Non-Farm Lending of Farm Credit Banks News Release
07/24/2007 Industry Letter Supporting Frank/Bachus Amendment to the Farm Bill Extension Act of 2007 (H.R. 2419) Letter to the Hill
07/13/2007 Time to Call Congress In Opposition to Expanding FCS Powers IWR
06/22/2007 Industry Letter Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
06/22/2007 ICBA, Six Financial Trade Groups Oppose Expansion of Farm Credit System Lending PowersAccess Restricted News Release
05/22/2007 ICBA Opposes FCS Expansion in Credit Title of House Farm Bill News Release
05/15/2007 Industry Opposes Horizons Project Letter to the Hill
02/26/2007 Eligibility and Scope of Financing for Processing and Marketing Firms Letter to Regulators
02/26/2007 Eligibility and Scope of Financing for Processing and Marketing Firms: Additional Views Letter to Regulators
02/26/2007 ICBA Urges FCA to Withdraw Plan to Expand Farm Credit Lending to Non-Farm Business News Release
02/09/2007 Letter to House Opposing FCS Horizons Letter to the Hill
02/09/2007 Letter to Senate Opposing FCS Horizons Letter to the Hill
12/15/2006 FCA Processing & Marketing Proposal Requesting Extension of Public Comment Period Letter to Regulators
11/17/2006 FCA Rule Expands FCS CoBank Eligible Borrowers IWR
10/20/2006 FCS Seeks Dramatic Expansion of Eligibility IWR
07/18/2006 Reducing FCS Regulatory Burden Letter to Regulators
07/14/2006 FCA Withdraws Farmers’ Notes Proposal WWR
07/14/2006 FCA to Issue Final Rule on Termination Procedures WWR
06/02/2006 FCS's HORIZONS Project: The 'Not-Farm' Credit System WWR
03/17/2006 ICBA Says FCA Termination Proposal Needs Major Rewrite WWR
03/13/2006 FCS Termination of System Institution Status Rule Letter to Regulators
03/13/2006 ICBA Says FCA Termination Proposal Needs Major Revisions News Release
02/10/2006 More on FCS’s Horizon Project and Recommendations WWR
01/17/2006 ICBA Statement on Farm Credit System’s “Horizons Project” News Release
11/04/2005 FCA Plans Expanded Lending for Farm Credit System WWR
10/28/2005 ICBA Urges Congress to Oppose FCA Power Grab WWR
10/24/2005 ICBA Letter Opposing Expanding FCS Lending to Larger Cities Letter to Hill
10/07/2005 Farm Credit System Antics WWR
10/07/2005 Senate to Hold Hearing on Proposed Closure of FSA County Offices WWR
10/07/2005 ICBA, Bankers Secure Important FSA Loan Program Changes WWR
08/05/2005 FSA Begins Monthly Reporting of Guaranteed Loans to Commercial Credit Bureaus WWR
07/15/2005 FCA 2004 Annual Report: FCS Reports Record Net Income WWR
03/04/2005 Regulatory Reform for the Farm Credit Administration Letter to the Hill
12/16/2004 Borrower Rights Letter to the Regulators
11/24/2004 Proposed Changes to the Farmer Notes Program Letter to Regulators
09/29/2004 FCS Role in Agriculture Lending Testimony
08/20/2004 Agstar Makes Counteroffer for FCSAmerica WWR
08/06/2004 Rabobank and FCSAmerica Agree to Sale WWR
06/18/2004 FCA Issues Proposed Rule on FCS Preferred Stock Offerings WWR
06/02/2004 Hearing on Farmer Mac Testimony
04/02/2004 House Ag Leadership Urges FCA to Rethink FCS Syndication Restrictions WWR
02/27/2004 FCA Issues Final Notice on Loan Syndications WWR
01/20/2004 Young, Beginning, and Small Farmer Proposed Rule - RIN 3052-AC07 Letter to Regulators
12/12/2003 Banker Comments Needed on Farm Credit Proposals WWR
10/31/2003 ICBA Asks FCA to Drop FCS Non-Farm Lending Idea WWR
10/29/2003 Scope & Eligibility of Proposed Rule Making (Non-Farm Lending) Letter to Regulators
10/03/2003 ND Complains About FCS Taking Deposits WWR
07/11/2003 FCS Proposes Dramatic Expansion into Non-Farm Lending WWR
05/16/2003 Western, Wichita Farm Credit Banks to Merge WWR
05/09/2003 Farm Credit System Seeking New Powers WWR
03/07/2003 FCA Performance Report Shows FCS Gaining Market Share & Size WWR
02/26/2003 FCA Board Establishes OmbudsmanAccess Restricted
12/23/2002 Young, Beginning and Small (YBS) Farmers and Ranchers Program Letter to Regulators
11/13/2002 ICBA Statement on FCS Young, Beginning, Small ProgramAccess Restricted
10/18/2002 FCS Mergers Continue WWR
09/20/2002 ICBA Comments on Farm Credit's Regulatory Agenda WWR
09/15/2002 FCA Regulatory Development Program Letter to Regulators
03/01/2002 Farm Credit System Advantages Fueling Increased Profits WWR
10/11/2001 ICBA Helps Win Withdrawal of FCA National Charters News Release
08/17/2001 ICBA Bankers Suggest OFI Enhancements WWR
As Expected, FCA Termination Proposal Would Prevent FCS Termination
FCS Preferred Stock Proposed Rule
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