Tax Relief & Budget

Date Title Publication
10/06/2016 Senators Oppose Family Biz Tax Hike Following ICBA Advocacy NewsWatch Today
09/30/2016 ICBA Supports Bill Advancing S-Corp Tax Relief NewsWatch Today
09/29/2016 ICBA Supports Bill Offering Tax Relief for Rural Lending News Release
09/29/2016 Support for the Bring Small Businesses Back Tax Reform Act (H.R. 5374) Letter to Congress
09/26/2016 ICBA Seeks Withdrawal of Tax Hike on Family Businesses NewsWatch Today
07/19/2016 ICBA Letter on “Better Way for Tax Reform” Blueprint Letter to Congress
03/08/2016 Tax Policy Priority Policy Resolution
11/19/2015 Letter Urging Congress to Extend Expired Tax Provisions Letter to Congress
07/20/2015 Letter Supporting Extension of Tax Provisions Letter to Congress
06/08/2015 Lettering Expressing Concern About an Onerous Revenue Provision Included in the Trade Preferences Extension Act (H.R. 1295) Letter to Regulators
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/15/2015 ICBA Letter Supporting Tax Reform Principles Letter to Congress
04/14/2015 2015 PassThrough Principles Industry Letter to Congress
03/23/2015 Thank You for Introducing the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 (H.R. 1105) Letter to Congress
02/10/2015 Industry Letter Supporing Legislation Designed to Improve Tax Certainty for Subchapter S Corporations Industry Letter to Congress
12/03/2014 Extension of Expired Tax Provisions Letter to Congress
11/18/2014 Industry Letter Urging Congress to Enhance or Make Permanent Expired and Expiring Tax Provisions Industry Letter to Congress
11/13/2014 Regulatory and Tax Relief for Community Banks Letter to Congress
07/01/2014 Comprehensive Reform to the Federal Tax Code Letter to Congress
06/10/2014 Industry Letter Opposing "Buffett Tax" Industry Letter to Congress
05/14/2014 Support for the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act Letter to Congress
04/02/2014 Support for the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act Letter to Congress
02/26/2014 ICBA Statement on House Ways and Means Committee Tax-Reform Proposal News Release
02/26/2014 Industry Letter Opposing the Imposition of Any Arbitrary New Tax on Financial Institutions Industry Letter to Congress
02/25/2014 Support for Comprehensive Tax Reform ( Letter to Congress
07/26/2013 Tax Code Reform Industry Letter to Congress
05/15/2013 Ways and Means Committee Small Business Tax Reform Discussion Draft Letter to Congress
05/30/2003 WWR

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