Real Estate Activities

Date Title Publication
02/26/2010 Condition of Small Business and Commercial Real Estate Lending in Local Markets Testimony
01/19/2010 Community Banks CRE Background Information Letter to Congress
03/07/2008 Bair Predicts Banking Renaissance, Cautions on CRE IWR
12/15/2006 Regulators Issue Final CRE Guidance IWR
11/03/2006 EPA Clarifies Effects on Lenders of New CERCLA Rule IWR
10/20/2006 FDIC Ombudsman Comments on CRE Guidance IWR
09/22/2006 ICBA Messages on CRE and Basel Well Received IWR
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Testimony
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Oral Statement
09/14/2006 ICBA Raises Community Bank Concerns, Offers Alternatives to CRE and Basel II Plans News Release
08/11/2006 September Hearing Planned on CRE Guidance and Basel WWR
06/30/2006 ICBA Reiterates Opposition to CRE Guidance WWR
06/23/2006 ICBA Repeats Call to Halt Proposed Commercial Real Estate Lending Guidance News Release
06/09/2006 Bies Speaks on CRE Concentration Guidance WWR
04/14/2006 ICBA Urges Regulators Not to Adopt CRE Proposal WWR
04/07/2006 Send Your Comments to the Regulators on CRE Proposal WWR
03/24/2006 Comment Letters Needed on Proposed CRE Guidance WWR
03/10/2006 Regulators Extend CRE Proposal Comment Period WWR
02/10/2006 Dueling Words Between OCC and Realtors WWR
01/13/2006 Commercial Real Estate Lenders Face More Regulatory Scrutiny WWR
01/13/2006 OCC Issues Significant Real Estate Rulings WWR
10/07/2005 GAO Debunks Realtors Concerns About Bank Competition WWR
07/29/2005 Senate Approps Bans Banks in Real Estate WWR
06/14/2005 Fair Choice & Competition in Real Estate Act of 2005 (H.R. 2660) Letter to the Hill
06/03/2005 Oxley-Frank Real Estate Powers Bill WWR
02/14/2003 Realtors Poised to Get a Costly Valentine WWR
01/31/2003 Oxley Sides With Banks on Real Estate Issue WWR
01/29/2003 Joint Industry Letter on Real Estate Activities Letter to Hill
01/10/2003 ICBA Backs Real Estate Powers for Banks WWR

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