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Date Title Publication
03/03/2015 Separation of Banking and Commerce Policy Resolution
09/25/2014 ICBA Statement on Wal-Mart Offering Checking Accounts News Release
02/22/2008 ILC Bill Analysis IWR
02/13/2008 Dodd Discussion Draft Summary
02/08/2008 Joint Letter to Senate Banking Committee on Dodd Discussion Draft Letter to the Hill
11/30/2007 ICBA Commends Sen. Dodd for Advancing ILC Measure News Release
10/04/2007 Industrial Loan Companies Testimony
07/13/2007 Senators Push for ILC Bill Co-Sponsors IWR
05/21/2007 House Vote on H.R. 698 Link
05/17/2007 Cam Fine's Remarks on Mixing Banking & Commerce Speech to Chicago Fed Conference on Bank Structure
05/10/2007 Industrial Bank Holding Company Act of 2007 Fact Sheet
04/25/2007 Industrial Loan Companies Testimony
02/01/2007 ILC Reform Bill Introduced in House Banker Alert
01/05/2007 View H.R. 5746 Co-Sponsors Link
01/05/2007 View H.R. 3882 Co-Sponsors Link
12/15/2006 Congress Asks FDIC to Extend ILC Moratorium IWR
12/01/2006 Last Chance to Push for ILC Extension IWR
11/17/2006 Urge House Members to Sign Letter to Extend ILC Freeze IWR
11/03/2006 Gillmor, Frank to Seek Moratorium Extension IWR
11/03/2006 Wal-Mart Continues Global Banking Push IWR
10/20/2006 Bair Hints at ILC Decisions in January IWR
10/20/2006 ICBA Tells FDIC ILC Changes Demand Federal Action IWR
10/06/2006 33 State Banker Groups Endorse ILC Reform Bill IWR
10/06/2006 ICBA Seeks Extension of ILC Comment Period IWR
09/26/2006 Support for H.R. 5746 State Association Letter to Reps. Gillmor and Frank
09/21/2006 House Members Who Have Written Letters to the FDIC List
08/25/2006 FDIC Seeks Public Feedback in Examining ILCs IWR
08/25/2006 Final Push Needed for Gillmor-Frank Bill Co-Sponsors IWR
08/11/2006 ILC Bill Co-Sponsors Needed to Influence FDIC WWR
08/11/2006 Regulators Say State ILC Laws May Violate Riegle Neal WWR
08/11/2006 FDIC Has Limited Say Over ILC Business Plan Changes WWR
08/04/2006 ILC Moratorium Opens Door for Gillmor-Frank Bill WWR
08/04/2006 ILC Moratorium Fallout Begins WWR
08/04/2006 The Main Street That Roared – and Was Heard! WWR
07/28/2006 Groups Push Congress on ILC Policy WWR
07/28/2006 Urge House Reps to Co-sponsor ILC Reform Bill WWR
07/28/2006 Wal-Mart Between a Rock and a Hard Place Over Yuan WWR
07/28/2006 Gillmor, Frank Encourage State Actions to Curb ILCs WWR
07/21/2006 FDIC Chairman: Wal-Mart ILC Decision Will Take Time WWR
07/21/2006 Urge Lawmakers to Co-Sponsor Gillmor-Frank ILC Bill WWR
07/21/2006 Gillmor-Frank Letter on ILC Branching Letter to ICBA
07/21/2006 Missouri Becomes Sixth State to Ban ILC Branches WWR
07/14/2006 The Main Street That Roared WWR
07/14/2006 ICBA Calls for Action on ILCs WWR
07/14/2006 Gillmor-Frank Bill Would Close ILC Loophole WWR
07/12/2006 Industrial Loan Charters: Testimony Testimony
07/12/2006 Industrial Loan Charters: Oral Statement Oral Statement
06/30/2006 Ford Joins Record ILC Parade WWR
06/23/2006 Coalition Highlights Wal-Mart Misstatements to FDIC WWR
06/16/2006 Resistance to Home Depot ILC Grows WWR
06/09/2006 ICBA Urges FDIC to Deny Home Depot Bank Request WWR
06/09/2006 98 Congressmen Ask FDIC for Moratorium on ILC Apps WWR
06/09/2006 Rep. Frank Quizzes Wal-Mart on No-Branch Pledge WWR
06/08/2006 Congressional Call for ILC Moratorium Congressional Letter to the FDIC
06/06/2006 Letter from Rep. Frank to Wal-Mart Letter
06/02/2006 Signatures Needed on Gillmor-Frank Letter WWR
06/02/2006 Oppose Home Depot ILC; Send a Letter to FDIC WWR
05/26/2006 Gillmor/ Frank to Ask FDIC for ILC Moratorium WWR
05/26/2006 Keep “Big Box” Retailers Out of Banking, ICBA Says WWR
05/26/2006 Wal-Mart is Retail Banking Expert? WWR
05/25/2006 Impact of Big-Box Retailers on Small Businesses Testimony
05/19/2006 Wal-Mart Shows Cards in Executive Search WWR
05/12/2006 Wal-Mart Testimony Exposed as Inaccurate WWR
05/12/2006 Home Depot: Latest Commercial Firm Seeking an ILC WWR
04/28/2006 “Unconditional Surrender” Grant WWR
04/28/2006 Community Banks Keep Up Pressure at FDIC's Heartland Wal-Mart Hearings WWR
04/21/2006 Frank to FDIC: No More Commercially Owned ILCs WWR
04/19/2006 Letter from Rep. Frank to the FDIC
04/14/2006 ICBA Leads Opposition to Wal-Mart Bank WWR
03/31/2006 Wal-Mart Bank: Congressional Letters Keep Rolling In to FDIC WWR
03/31/2006 Wal-Mart Modifies Bank Application WWR
03/24/2006 More Lawmakers Urge Rejection of Wal-Mart Application WWR
03/24/2006 ICBA, State Associations and Community Bankers Slated to Speak at FDIC’s Wal-Mart Hearings WWR
03/24/2006 Bernanke: Congress Needs to Address Commerce and Banking WWR
03/17/2006 39 House Members Write to Oppose Wal-Mart Bank WWR
03/17/2006 Wal-Mart's Application for an ILC Leter to the Editor
03/10/2006 Fed Chairman Bernanke Addresses Packed ICBA Convention WWR
03/10/2006 Last Chance to Sign Up to Testify at Wal-Mart Hearings WWR
03/03/2006 Bankers: Sign Up to Testify at Wal-Mart Hearings WWR
02/23/2006 Wal-Mart's Application for an ILC Letter to the Editor
02/23/2006 FDIC to Hold Two Hearings on The Federal Deposit Insurance Application of The Proposed Wal-Mart Bank FDIC News Release
02/17/2006 Bernanke Draws Praise in First Congressional Testimony, Addresses ILC Question WWR
02/10/2006 Heavy Hitters Lining Up Against Wal-Mart WWR
01/13/2006 Banker Update: The Orwellian World of Mr. Wallison WWR
01/13/2006 WSJ Editorial on Wal-Mart Off Base, Gillmor and Bliley Argue WWR
01/06/2006 Senators Call for Hearing on Wal-Mart ILC WWR
01/06/2006 ICBA Responds to Wall Street Journal Editorial Supporting Wal-Mart’s Bid for a Bank WWR
01/05/2006 Wal-Mart and the Separation of Banking and Commerce Letter to the Editor
01/04/2006 Rep. Gillmor's Letter to the Editor on Wal-Mart and ILCs Letter to the Editor
01/04/2006 Former Congressman Bliley's Letter to the Editor on Wal-Mart Letter to the Editor
10/24/2005 Sound Banking Coalition Letter to Rep. Oxley on ILCs Letter to the Hill
09/30/2005 Gillmor, Frank Seek FDIC Hearing on Wal-Mart ILC WWR
09/30/2005 Over 1,000 Letters and Climbing WWR
06/25/2004 The Mixing Bowl WWR
03/26/2004 House Slams Door on Wal-Mart in Banking Bill WWR
07/18/2003 More on Banking and Commerce - ILC Issues WWR
07/18/2003 ICBA Banker Defends Separation of Banking and Commerce WWR
05/30/2003 Fed Lite and the Industrial Loan Company Loophole WWR
05/23/2003 Wal-Mart Banking and Commerce Fix Gains Traction WWR
04/25/2003 Leach Blasts Big Bank Lobby on ILCs WWR
04/18/2003 CSBS, Where Art Thou? Do You Really Want a Full Service Bank in Every Wal-Mart Store? WWR
04/11/2003 Banker Update: Subcommittee Clears Reg Relief, Takes No Action on ILCs WWR
04/04/2003 More on ILCs WWR
04/04/2003 Banker Update: Industrial Loan Company Branching Threat WWR
03/28/2003 The Business Checking Bill and the Wal-Mart Menace WWR
10/04/2002 Wal-Mart Strikes Out in California WWR
09/06/2002 California Legislature Stymies Wal-Mart's Bid to Buy a Bank WWR
08/30/2002 California Fight to Keep Wal-Mart From Owning a Bank Goes down to the Wire WWR
08/16/2002 ICBA and California Independent Bankers Oppose Wal-Mart Application WWR
Wal-Mart Pulls Its Industrial Loan Company Application

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