Call Reports

Date Title Publication
10/18/2016 ICBA to Regulators: Proposed Call Report Reforms Insufficient NewsWatch Today
10/06/2016 Revised Call Reports Due Oct. 30 NewsWatch Today
08/05/2016 ICBA Encouraged by Proposal to Streamline Call Report News Release
03/17/2016 Proposed Call Report Revisions Letters to Regulators
03/08/2016 Quarterly Call Report Policy Resolution
09/08/2015 ICBA Encouraged by Proposed Call Report Relief News Release
04/23/2015 ICBA Statement Regarding Regulator Comments on Call Report Reform News Release
12/11/2014 Call Report Burden Letter to Regulators
09/03/2014 ICBA Delivers Petition to Regulators Urging Call Report Relief News Release
08/11/2014 ICBA to Regulators: Institute a More Practical and Streamlined Approach to Community Bank Quarterly Call Reports News Release
08/08/2014 Submission of Quarterly Call Reports by Community Banks Letter to Regulators
07/31/2014 Buhrmaster and Fine: Take A Stand on Call Report Reg Burden, Sign Petition NewsWatch Today
07/28/2014 ICBA Launches Petition for Call Report Relief as Part of War on Excessive Regulation News Release
07/15/2014 Agencies Release Resources for June 30 Call Report NewsWatch Today
07/09/2014 ICBA Survey Shows Growing Call Report Burden on Community Banks News Release
02/19/2014 ICBA Urges Regulators to Ease Call Report Burden on Community Banks News Release
02/13/2014 Call Report Changes Letter to Regulators
04/22/2013 Letter to Regulators
04/22/2013 Proposed Remittance Transfer Reporting Industry Letter to Regulators

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