Date Title Publication
02/16/2011 Proposed Amendments to Rule 3001 Joint Statement to the Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules
12/10/2009 ICBA Opposes Cramdown Amendment to Financial Reform News Release
12/08/2009 Letter Opposing Cramdown Amendment to HR 4173 Letter to Congress
02/26/2009 Bankruptcy Provisions in the 2009 Helping Families Save Their Homes Act (H.R. 1106) Letter to the Hill
01/27/2009 Join Letter Opposing Bankruptcy "Cramdowns" Joint Letter to the Hill
01/09/2009 Industry Letter on Agreement on Changes to the Treatment of Mortgages During Bankruptcy Industry Letter to the Hill
09/23/2008 Industry Letter Opposing the Inclusion of Bankruptcy Changes in the Mortgage-Market Stabilization Plan Letter to Hill
03/31/2008 Joint Letter to Oppose Legislation to Change the Treatment of Mortgages During Bankruptcy Letter to the Hill
03/12/2008 Joint Letter Opposing Changes to Treatment of Mortgages During Bankruptcy Letter to the Hill
02/15/2008 Joint Letter Opposing Bankruptcy Provision Letter to the Hill
01/23/2008 Joint Letter Opposing H.R.3609 Letter to the Hill
12/11/2007 Joint Letter Opposing the Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007 (H.R. 3609) Letter to the Hill
10/07/2005 Vitter Bill Would Help Hurricane Victims File for Bankruptcy WWR
10/07/2005 Bankruptcy Filings Skyrocket WWR
04/15/2005 ICBA Praises Congress for Passing Bankruptcy Bill WWR
02/25/2005 LOBBY ALERT: Tell Senators to Approve Clean Bankruptcy Bill WWR
02/10/2005 Bankruptcy Reform Testimony
01/28/2005 Bankruptcy Reform on Fast Track WWR
Senate Bankruptcy Reform Legislation
House Bankruptcy Reform Legislation
Overview of the 2005 Bankruptcy Law Summary

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