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Date Title Publication
08/27/2015 USDA Expects Lower Farm Sector Profitability in 2015 NewsWatch Today
08/24/2015 Farmer Mac Road Shows Start in September NewsWatch Today
08/21/2015 USDA Seeking Applications for Biomass Program NewsWatch Today
08/21/2015 Rural Index Declines to Growth-Neutral in August NewsWatch Today
08/17/2015 Reserve Banks Reporting Weakness in Farmland Values NewsWatch Today
08/13/2015 USDA Offers Guaranteed Loan Program Funding Update NewsWatch Today
08/07/2015 USDA Changing Guaranteed Underwriting System Process NewsWatch Today
07/24/2015 Farm Credit Lenders Financing Major Alcohol Beverage Firm NewsWatch Today
07/20/2015 Rural Index Improves in July NewsWatch Today
07/15/2015 ICBA Urges Support for Ag Programs Ahead of Markup NewsWatch Today
07/15/2015 Farm Credit System Net Income Tops $4.7B in 2014 NewsWatch Today
07/14/2015 USDA: Conservation Certification Tops 98 Percent NewsWatch Today
07/10/2015 USDA Announces National Stakeholder Forum NewsWatch Today
07/09/2015 House Appropriations Committee Approves Ag Bill NewsWatch Today
06/30/2015 Enrollment for 2016 Dairy Margin Protection Program Begins Tomorrow NewsWatch Today
06/25/2015 ICBA Opposes Proposal to Allow Outside Control of Farmer Mac Board NewsWatch Today
06/25/2015 Farm Credit System Reports on Young, Beginning, Small Farmers NewsWatch Today
06/24/2015 Farm Credit Reopens Comment Period on Proposed Capital Rules NewsWatch Today
06/24/2015 KC Fed Ag Symposium Slated for July NewsWatch Today
06/22/2015 Rural Economy Improves to Growth Neutral NewsWatch Today
06/18/2015 ICBA Urges Support for Key Farm, Rural Development Programs NewsWatch Today
06/16/2015 USDA Opens Enrollment for Main Farm Bill Programs NewsWatch Today
06/12/2015 ICBA-Farmer Mac Program Reaches $1 Billion in Loan Sales NewsWatch Today
06/05/2015 ICBA, Coalition Urge Crop Insurance Policy Consistency NewsWatch Today
06/04/2015 Farmer Mac Declares Second-Quarter Dividend NewsWatch Today
06/04/2015 Industry Letter on Conservation Compliance Letter to Regulators
06/03/2015 KC Fed to Congress: Lenders Fear Intensifying Farmland Stress NewsWatch Today
05/14/2015 Support for Two Amendments to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Reauthorization Legislation Letter to Congress
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/20/2015 Comment Letter on Mergers, Consolidations and Charter Amendments of Banks or Associations Letter to Regulators
03/03/2015 Farm and Rural Safety Net Policy Resolution
03/03/2015 Tax Advantaged Farm Credit System GSE Priority Policy Resolution
02/23/2015 Industry Letter Opposing Additional Cuts to Ag Programs Industry Letter to Congress
02/04/2015 Industry Letter Opposing President Obama's Budget Proposal to Cut Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
12/22/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Regulatory Capital Letter to Regulators
12/17/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Pensions Letter to Regulators
12/08/2014 ICBA Comment Letter on Entity Eligibility Letter to Regulator
11/18/2014 Follow Up Letter on FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
10/31/2014 FCA Letter in Response to 10/20/14 ICBA Letter FCA Letter to ICBA
10/23/2014 FCA Proposal to Amend Current Regulations Governing Investments Held by Farm Credit Banks and Associations Letter to Regulators
10/20/2014 FCA Memorandum Titled “Guidance for Investment Requests under § 615.5140(e) of Farm Credit AdministrationRegulations” Letter to Regulators
07/31/2014 USDA Announces Supplemental Insurance Program for New Farm Bill NewsWatch Today
07/03/2014 Farm Bill, Crop Insurance Hearing Next Week NewsWatch Today
07/03/2014 ICBA: Study Shows Community Banks Play Key Role in Ag Lending NewsWatch Today
07/02/2014 ICBA: Study Finds Commercial Banks Meeting Needs of Ag Borrowers News Release
06/25/2014 Credit Availability in Rural America Testimony
06/25/2014 ICBA: Credit Availability in Rural America Plentiful News Release
06/09/2014 Industry Letter Opposing Amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill that Would Harm the Farm Bill or Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
04/30/2014 Support of ‘Say on Pay' for FCS Institutions Letter to Regulators
04/14/2014 Community Banks Keep Rural America Growing News Release
03/12/2014 Support for the CFPB Rural Designation Petition and Correction Act (H.R. 2672) Letter to Congress
03/05/2014 Connect America Fund Industry Letter to Regulators
02/19/2014 Introducing the HELP Rural Communities Act of 2014 (S. 1916) Letter to Congress
02/04/2014 Senate Passes ICBA-Advocated Farm Bill News Release
02/03/2014 ICBA Pleased Senate on Verge of Passing New Farm Bill News Release
01/29/2014 ICBA Pleased House Passes New Farm Bill News Release
01/28/2014 ICBA Urges Congress to Adopt New Farm Bill News Release
01/15/2014 ICBA Letter to FCA on Meeting Letter to Regulators
11/14/2013 ICBA Statement on FCA Decision to Withdraw Proposed Rule On Farm Credit System Non-Farm Investment Program News Release
11/05/2013 rop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
10/22/2013 Eligibility for Rarmers and Ranchers Participating in FSA Guaranteed Farm Loans Industry Leter to Congress
10/22/2013 ICBA Asks Farm Credit System Regulator to Explain CoBank Loan to Verizon News Release
10/21/2013 CoBank Loan to Verizon Letter to Regulators
07/24/2013 Tax Subsidies for the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
07/11/2013 ICBA Statement on House Farm Bill Vote News Release
07/02/2013 Farm Bill Industry Letter to Congress
06/20/2013 ICBA Urges Renewed Efforts on House Farm Bill News Release
06/19/2013 Industry Letter in Support of Crop Insurance and Opposition to the Kind Amendment ( Industry Letter to Congress
06/11/2013 ICBA Thanks Senate for Passing a New Farm Bill NewsWatch Today
06/11/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
06/04/2013 Test Test
06/03/2013 Maximum Interest Rates on Guaranteed Loans Letter to Regulators
05/14/2013 ICBA Thanks Senate Agriculture Committee for Passing a New Farm Bill News Release
05/08/2013 Joint Letter Opposing the Expansion of the Farm Credit System (FCS) Letter to Congress
05/01/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Federal Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
04/22/2013 FCS Senior Officer and Executive Compensation Letter to Regulators
03/12/2013 Crop Insurance Protection Letter to Congress
11/13/2012 Passage of the Farm Bill Industry Letter to Congress
11/12/2012 FCA's Proposed Regulation on Unincorporated Business Entities (UBEs) Letter to Regulators
08/14/2012 The Rationale for Removing Term Limits on USDA Guaranteed Farm Operating Loans White Paper
07/24/2012 USDA Microloans Letter to Regulators
07/11/2012 Industry Letter Supporting the Boswell Amendment to Eliminate Term Limits on USDA Guaranteed Farm Operating Loans Industry Letter to Congress
06/19/2012 Industry Letter Opposing Proposed Amendment Prohibitng USDA Guaranteed Loans Letter to Congress
06/14/2012 ICBA to Senate: Maintain Programs That Strengthen the Ag Economy News Release
06/14/2012 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Protection Industry Letter to Congress
06/06/2012 ICBA Extends Preferred Service Provider Relationship with Farmer Mac News Release
05/24/2012 Federal Crop Insurance Program Industry Letter to Congress
05/10/2012 Formulation of the 2012 Farm Bill: Credit Programs Testimony
05/10/2012 ICBA Chairman Testifies, Says Changes Must Be Made to USDA’s Farm & Business Guaranteed Loan Programs News Release
04/20/2012 USDA Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
04/19/2012 USDA Guaranteed Loan Programs Letter to Congress
04/16/2012 ICBA: Community Banks Keep Rural America Growing News Release
03/14/2012 Joint Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Joint Letter to Congress
02/16/2012 User Fees under the USDA’s Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan Program Letter to Congress
01/23/2012 Rural Business Investment Program Letter to Regulators
11/30/2011 MF Global Bankruptcy Industry Letter to Congress
11/02/2011 2012 Farm Bill Letter to Congress
10/25/2011 FCS Lending in FHA Mortgage Insurance Programs Letter to Regulators
10/19/2011 Industry Letter on Agriculture Appropriations Bill Letter to Congress
10/03/2011 Broadband Services in Rural America Industry Letter to Regulators
09/26/2011 Guaranteed Loan Fees Letter to Regulators
06/30/2011 Ag Advisory Committee Meeting Discussion on Derivatives Letter to Regulators
06/14/2011 Deficit Reduction Package's Impact on Rural America Industry Letter to Congress
05/26/2011 Support for the Rural Access to Credit Act of 2011 (S. 805) Letter to Congress
05/12/2011 Follow Up to FCA Proposal to Allow FCS Lenders to Purchase Loans of Failed Banks from the FDIC Letter to Regulators
04/14/2011 A Review of Credit Conditions in Rural America Testimony
02/22/2011 End-User Exemption to Mandatory Clearing of Swaps Letter to Regulators
11/17/2010 Industry Letter on FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Programs Industry Letter to Congress
11/17/2010 FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Programs Letter to Congress
10/18/2010 FDIC Loan Purchases Letter to Regulators
07/19/2010 Loan Purchases from FDIC Letter to Regulators
06/15/2010 Biorefinery Assistance Guaranteed Loans Letter to Regulators
04/19/2010 FSA Guaranteed Farm Loans Industry Letter to Congress
04/16/2010 Estate Taxes Industry Letter
03/16/2010 Farm Safety Net Industry Letter to Congress
03/01/2010 Business and Industry Loan Program Letter to Regulators
07/08/2009 The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Community Banks and Credit Unions in Rural Communities Testimony
06/11/2009 Credit Conditions in Rural America Testimony
06/04/2009 Industry Letter on FY2010 Agriculture Appropriations and 2008 Farm Law Industry Letter to the Hill
04/29/2009 Oppose Farm Loan Restructuring Amendment Letter to the Hill
02/17/2009 Rural Development Guaranteed Loans Letter to Regulators
12/01/2008 Maximum Interest Rates on Guaranteed Farm Loans Letter to Regulators
08/15/2008 Rural Community Investments Proposed Rule Letter to Regulators
07/10/2008 Chairman Frank, House Financial Services Members, Oppose FCS Expansion Proposal Letter to the Hill
05/14/2008 ICBA Statement on House on Passage of a New Farm Bill News Release
05/13/2008 Joint Letter on the 2008 Farm Bill Letter to the Hill
02/09/2008 Open Letter to the Farm Bill Community Letter from Reps. Peterson & Goodlatte
02/08/2008 The Coming Farm Credit Threat In 2008 IWR
11/14/2007 USDA Office Closings Letter to Regulators
11/05/2007 Support the Supplemental Disaster Assistance Program Letter to the Hill
10/25/2007 ICBA Praises Senate Agriculture Committee for Advancing the 2007 Farm Bill News Release
10/22/2007 ICBA, 38 State Community Banking Associations Oppose FCS Lending Expansion to Non-Farm Activities News Release
10/19/2007 Industry Letter Opposing Any Farm Credit Expansion in the 2007 Farm Bill Letter to the Hill
09/28/2007 ICBA Applauds SBA for Promoting Streamlined Loan Process in Rural Areas News Release
09/25/2007 Anti-FCS Coalition Letter Sent to Senators Letter to the Hill
09/24/2007 ICBA Letter Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
09/07/2007 FCS Seeks Expansion in Senate Farm Bill IWR
07/27/2007 Industry Thank You Letter for Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
07/26/2007 ICBA Applauds U.S. House for Passing Frank-Bachus Amendment News Release
07/25/2007 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass Frank-Bachus Amendment to Limit Non-Farm Lending of Farm Credit Banks News Release
07/25/2007 Letter Supporting Frank/Bachus Amendment to 2007 Farm Bill (H.R. 2419) Letter to the Hill
07/24/2007 Industry Letter Supporting Frank/Bachus Amendment to the Farm Bill Extension Act of 2007 (H.R. 2419) Letter to the Hill
07/13/2007 Time to Call Congress In Opposition to Expanding FCS Powers IWR
06/22/2007 Industry Letter Opposing FCS Expansion Letter to the Hill
06/22/2007 ICBA, Six Financial Trade Groups Oppose Expansion of Farm Credit System Lending PowersAccess Restricted News Release
05/22/2007 ICBA Opposes FCS Expansion in Credit Title of House Farm Bill News Release
05/15/2007 Industry Opposes Horizons Project Letter to the Hill
03/27/2007 The Availability of Credit in Rural America Testimony
03/27/2007 ICBA Asks Congress to Reject FCS Commercial Lending News Release
02/26/2007 Eligibility and Scope of Financing for Processing and Marketing Firms Letter to Regulators
02/26/2007 Eligibility and Scope of Financing for Processing and Marketing Firms: Additional Views Letter to Regulators
02/26/2007 ICBA Urges FCA to Withdraw Plan to Expand Farm Credit Lending to Non-Farm Business News Release
02/09/2007 Letter to House Opposing FCS Horizons Letter to the Hill
02/09/2007 Letter to Senate Opposing FCS Horizons Letter to the Hill
02/01/2007 Agriculture-Related Disaster Assistance Letter to the Hill
01/30/2007 Agriculture Budget Letter to the Hill
12/15/2006 ICBA: Extend Comment Period on FCS Expansion Proposal IWR
12/15/2006 FCA Processing & Marketing Proposal Requesting Extension of Public Comment Period Letter to Regulators
12/01/2006 Waiver on USDA Guaranteed Loan Term Limits Letter to the Hill
11/17/2006 FCA Rule Expands FCS CoBank Eligible Borrowers IWR
11/03/2006 USDA Expands Farm Revenue Crop Insurance Program IWR
10/20/2006 FCS Seeks Dramatic Expansion of Eligibility IWR
09/29/2006 USDA Theme Papers: Exeutive Summaries
09/25/2006 Disaster Assistance Letter to the Hiill
09/12/2006 Agricultural Disaster Assistance Letter to the Hill
09/12/2006 ICBA Calls On Congress to Pass Disaster Relief for Farms and Ranches News Release
08/11/2006 USDA Releases Renewable Energy Analysis Paper WWR
07/28/2006 FSA Loan Fees Comment Period Reopened Briefly WWR
07/27/2006 Request for 60-Day Extension in Comment Period on Proposal to Eliminate Storage Agreements Joint Letter to Regulators
07/18/2006 Reducing FCS Regulatory Burden Letter to Regulators
07/14/2006 FCA Withdraws Farmers’ Notes Proposal WWR
07/14/2006 FCA to Issue Final Rule on Termination Procedures WWR
07/14/2006 USDA Guarantee Fees Letter to Regulators
06/30/2006 Send Comment Letters to Block New Fees on Farm Loans WWR
06/23/2006 FASB to Issue Guidance on Split-Dollar Insurance WWR
06/23/2006 House Panel Examines Crop Insurance Fraud WWR
06/16/2006 ICBA Testifies Against USDA Farm Loan Fee Proposal WWR
06/13/2006 Review of USDA Loan Programs Testimony
06/13/2006 ICBA Asks Congress to Block USDA Fee Proposal on Farm Loan Programs News Release
06/02/2006 Senate Ag Farm Bill Hearings WWR
06/02/2006 FCS's HORIZONS Project: The 'Not-Farm' Credit System WWR
06/02/2006 Energy in Agriculture Conference WWR
06/02/2006 Rural Housing Bill Moving WWR
06/02/2006 House “Dear Colleague” Letter on Disaster Aid WWR
05/19/2006 ICBA Opposes USDA Proposed Rule on User Fees WWR
05/17/2006 ICBA Opposes USDA Proposal to Impose User Fees on Guaranteed Farm Loan Programs News Release
05/10/2006 ICBA Applauds Legislation Blocking New USDA Guaranteed Loan User Fees News Release
05/05/2006 Senate Passes Emergency Spending Bill WWR
05/04/2006 ICBA Applauds Senate Passage Of Emergency Spending Bill News Release
04/25/2006 Disaster Assistance Joint Letter to the Hill
04/07/2006 Johanns Releases Farm Bill Summaries WWR
03/17/2006 ICBA Says FCA Termination Proposal Needs Major Rewrite WWR
03/13/2006 ICBA Says FCA Termination Proposal Needs Major Revisions News Release
03/13/2006 FCS Termination of System Institution Status Rule Letter to Regulators
03/07/2006 Agricultural Disaster Assistance Joint Letter to the Hill
03/03/2006 USDA Forecasts Sharp Drop in 2006 Farm Income WWR
02/15/2006 Proposed New Fees in FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Programs Joint Letter to the Hill
02/15/2006 ICBA Opposes Cuts in USDA Guaranteed Farm Loan Programs News Release
02/10/2006 More on FCS’s Horizon Project and Recommendations WWR
02/10/2006 President’s 2007 Budget Proposes Sharp Cuts in Farm Spending WWR
02/10/2006 House Ag Committee Holds First Farm Bill Hearings WWR
02/10/2006 More on USDA’s FY 2007 Budget Proposals WWR
01/17/2006 ICBA Statement on Farm Credit System’s “Horizons Project” News Release
01/06/2006 Ag Cuts In Budget Reduction Package WWR
11/04/2005 USDA Proposes $800 Million for Hurricane Farm Disaster Assistance WWR
11/04/2005 Congressional Agriculture Committees Endorse Budget Cuts WWR
11/04/2005 FCA Plans Expanded Lending for Farm Credit System WWR
11/04/2005 USDA Reports Farm Operators Household Incomes Continues To Rise WWR
11/04/2005 Rabobank Buys Agriculturally Oriented Community Bank WWR
10/28/2005 ICBA Urges Congress to Oppose FCA Power Grab WWR
10/24/2005 ICBA Letter Opposing Expanding FCS Lending to Larger Cities Letter to Hill
10/07/2005 ICBA, Bankers Secure Important FSA Loan Program Changes WWR
10/07/2005 Chicago Fed: The Future of Economic Development in Rural America WWR
10/07/2005 House Ag Members Review State of U.S. Farm Economy WWR
10/07/2005 Senate Ag Committee Cancels Markup of Farm Program Budget Cuts WWR
10/07/2005 2006 Farm Program Sign-Up Underway WWR
10/07/2005 Senate to Hold Hearing on Proposed Closure of FSA County Offices WWR
10/07/2005 Farm Credit System Antics WWR
09/30/2005 Symposium Explores Acceptance of Ag, Small Business Collateral by FHL Banks WWR
09/30/2005 Johanns Announces CRP Contract Re-Enrollments, Extensions WWR
09/06/2005 Proposed Rule on Interest Assist Program Letter to Regulators
08/05/2005 FSA Begins Monthly Reporting of Guaranteed Loans to Commercial Credit Bureaus WWR
08/05/2005 Congress Adjourns After Passing Major Bills WWR
08/05/2005 Johanns Announces New USDA Farm Bill Forums WWR
08/05/2005 RMA Publishes Rule on Premium Reduction Plans for Crop Insurance WWR
08/05/2005 USDA Offers Producers Conservation Options WWR
07/15/2005 Johanns Announces Next Farm Bill Forum Venues WWR
07/15/2005 Farm Programs to Cost More Amid Declining Budget Forecast WWR
07/15/2005 FCA 2004 Annual Report: FCS Reports Record Net Income WWR
05/20/2005 Farm Bill & Tobacco Payments Sign Up WWR
05/19/2005 Johanns Reminds Producers to Sign Up for Farm Bill & Tobacco Payments
04/25/2005 Premium Reduction Plan Letter to USDA
03/04/2005 Regulatory Reform for the Farm Credit Administration Letter to the Hill
02/25/2005 2005 Farm Income Projected at Second Highest Level WWR
02/03/2005 Fiscal 2006 Ag Budget Ag Coalition Letter
01/26/2005 ICBA Applauds Rural Economic Investment Act News Release
01/07/2005 Johanns Confirmation Hearing for Ag Post Scheduled in Senate Ag Committee WWR
12/31/2004 Chambliss to Chair a Revised Senate Ag Committee WWR
12/16/2004 Borrower Rights Letter to the Regulators
12/09/2004 Business and Industry (B&I) Loan and Loan Guarantee Program Letter to Regulators
11/24/2004 Proposed Changes to the Farmer Notes Program Letter to Regulators
09/29/2004 FCS Role in Agriculture Lending Testimony
08/20/2004 Agstar Makes Counteroffer for FCSAmerica WWR
08/06/2004 Rabobank and FCSAmerica Agree to Sale WWR
07/08/2004 USDA's Rural Business Investment Program Letter to Regulators
06/18/2004 FCA Issues Proposed Rule on FCS Preferred Stock Offerings WWR
06/02/2004 Hearing on Farmer Mac Testimony
06/01/2004 Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)Access Restricted Background Information
05/21/2004 FDIC Reports on Rural Depopulation's Impact on Community Banks WWR
05/14/2004 ICBA, Farm Groups, Urge No Cuts to Crop Insurance WWR
05/14/2004 Congress Also Weighs In Against Crop Insurance Cuts WWR
04/02/2004 Invigorating Rural Communities WWR
04/02/2004 House Ag Leadership Urges FCA to Rethink FCS Syndication Restrictions WWR
02/27/2004 FCA Issues Final Notice on Loan Syndications WWR
01/20/2004 Young, Beginning, and Small Farmer Proposed Rule - RIN 3052-AC07 Letter to Regulators
12/12/2003 Banker Comments Needed on Farm Credit Proposals WWR
10/31/2003 ICBA Asks FCA to Drop FCS Non-Farm Lending Idea WWR
10/29/2003 Scope & Eligibility of Proposed Rule Making (Non-Farm Lending) Letter to Regulators
10/16/2003 ICBA Urges More Equity Capital to Assist Rural Co-ops and Opposes CoBank Legislative Proposal News Release
10/03/2003 ND Complains About FCS Taking Deposits WWR
09/19/2003 WTO Trade Talks Break Down WWR
07/11/2003 FCS Proposes Dramatic Expansion into Non-Farm Lending WWR
06/06/2003 ICBA Urges Congress to Protect Farm Bill Funding WWR
05/16/2003 U.S. & Other Countries File WTO Case Against EU on GMO Crops WWR
05/16/2003 Canada Agrees to Stop Subsidized Dairy Exports WWR
05/16/2003 Western, Wichita Farm Credit Banks to Merge WWR
05/09/2003 Farm Credit System Seeking New Powers WWR
03/28/2003 Disaster Aid Excerpts from Q&A Session with ReportersAccess Restricted USDA Transcript
03/21/2003 Farmland Values Continue to Post Gains, Farm Interest Rates Decline WWR
03/21/2003 Demand for Farm Credit Increases, But Supply Remains Adequate WWR
03/07/2003 FCA Performance Report Shows FCS Gaining Market Share & Size WWR
02/26/2003 FCA Board Establishes OmbudsmanAccess Restricted
02/13/2003 Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000Access Restricted Section-By-Section Summary
01/31/2003 USDA Announces $1.4 Billion Broadband Program for Rural Areas WWR
01/10/2003 USDA Delays Renegotiation of Crop Insurance Agreements WWR
01/10/2003 Banks Play Significant Role in Rural Economic Development WWR
12/23/2002 Young, Beginning and Small (YBS) Farmers and Ranchers Program Letter to Regulators
12/13/2002 U.S. and Chile Sign Historic Trade Pact WWR
12/11/2002 Standard Reinsurance AgreementAccess Restricted Letter to Secretary Veneman
11/13/2002 ICBA Statement on FCS Young, Beginning, Small ProgramAccess Restricted
11/08/2002 ICBA Raises Concerns Over Proposed Crop Insurance Changes WWR
10/18/2002 FCS Mergers Continue WWR
09/20/2002 ICBA Comments on Farm Credit's Regulatory Agenda WWR
09/15/2002 FCA Regulatory Development Program Letter to Regulators
08/23/2002 Veneman Announces Over $700 Million for Rural Economic Development Projects WWR
08/09/2002 U.S. Outlines World Trade Proposal WWR
08/09/2002 President Signs Trade Act of 2002 WWR
08/02/2002 New Trade Bill, Big Win for BushAccess Restricted Ag Brief
07/12/2002 ICBA Joins Farm Groups Urging No Changes to Farm Bill WWR
05/17/2002 President Signs Farm Bill, USDA Pledges Quick Implementation WWR
03/01/2002 Farm Credit System Advantages Fueling Increased Profits WWR
03/01/2002 ICBA Advises Conferees on Farm Bill WWR
02/27/2002 ICBA Letter to Farm Bill Conferees
02/27/2002 ICBA Recommendations on the Farm Bill, Farm Credit & Rural Development Titles
10/11/2001 ICBA Helps Win Withdrawal of FCA National Charters News Release
08/17/2001 ICBA Bankers Suggest OFI Enhancements WWR
08/02/2001 Rural Development in the New Farm Bill Testimony
07/20/2001 ICBA Urges Rural Value-Added Agricultural Initiatives WWR
06/22/2001 ICBA Urges Farm Policy Agenda for Rural America WWR
06/18/2001 ICBA, Ag Groups Write President on Trade Issues Letter to President
04/10/2001 ICBA Urges Support of Greater Internet Access in Rural AmericaAccess Restricted Ag Brief
Letter Concerning Agricultural and Rural Issues Related to the Appropriations Process for Fiscal Year 2016
1996 & 2002 Farm Bills Compared
Detailed Farm Bill Information Web Site Link
Strengthening the Farm Safety NetAccess Restricted ICBA Proposal to Congress
Farm Credit System (FCS) National ChartersAccess Restricted
2004 Agricultural Disaster Aid - Summary
User Fees under the USDA’s Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan Program 2/16/12
As Expected, FCA Termination Proposal Would Prevent FCS Termination
2004 Agricultural Disaster Aid - Bill Language
Ag Resource Center WWW Links
FCS Preferred Stock Proposed Rule
Industry Letter Urging Passage of New Farm Bill
ICBA Voices Support for "Aggie Bonds" Bill

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