Deposit Insurance

Date Title Publication
10/06/2016 ICBA Backs Senate Bill Improving Reciprocal-Deposit Treatment NewsWatch Today
10/03/2016 FDIC Updates Summary of Deposits NewsWatch Today
09/28/2016 ICBA Testifies in Support of Bills Improving Deposit Classifications NewsWatch Today
09/27/2016 ICBA Testifies in Support of Bills Improving Regulatory Treatment of Community Bank Deposits News Release
09/26/2016 ICBA Testifying Tomorrow on Reciprocal-Deposit Bill NewsWatch Today
09/21/2016 Gruenberg: DIF Reserve Ratio Ahead of Statutory Deadline NewsWatch Today
09/01/2016 ICBA Offers Audio Call Recording on New Deposit Insurance Rules NewsWatch Today
08/31/2016 FDIC: Many Community Banks Getting Lower Assessment Rates NewsWatch Today
03/08/2016 Deposit Insurance Policy Resolution
03/03/2016 Deposit Insurance Assessments Letter to Regulators
01/05/2016 Letter on FDIC’s Proposal to Impose a Surcharge on the Quarterly Assessments of Insured Depository Institutions with Total Consolidated Assets of $10 Billion or More Letter to Regulators
10/22/2015 ICBA Statement on FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund Proposed Rule News Release
09/11/2015 Letter on FDIC Assessments for Small Banks Letter to Regulators
06/16/2015 ICBA Statement on FDIC Deposit Insurance Proposal News Release

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