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Tell Congress "Enough is Enough" on Credit Union Expansion

Date Title Publication
11/19/2015 Fine: Let’s Put a Stop to Credit Union Power Grab NewsWatch Today
09/15/2015 ICBA Pushing Back Against Credit Union Washington Fly-In NewsWatch Today
09/11/2015 Credit Union Loan Growth at 4% in Past Year NewsWatch Today
09/04/2015 Credit Union Membership Tops 101 Million NewsWatch Today
09/03/2015 Community Bank Letters Opposing NCUA Plan Top 6,200 NewsWatch Today
09/01/2015 ICBA Opposes NCUA Plan to Expand Credit Union Lending Authority NewsWatch Today
08/31/2015 Proposed Rule to Expand the Offering of Member Business Loans and Commercial Loans Letter to Regulators
08/31/2015 ICBA Opposes Plan to Expand Credit Union Business Lending Powers News Release
08/24/2015 Fine: Let’s Put a Stop to Credit Union Power Grab NewsWatch Today
08/21/2015 NCUA Provides Free Consulting to 191 Credit Unions NewsWatch Today
07/29/2015 NCUA Apology Further Evidence of Captive Regulator NewsWatch Today
07/28/2015 Editorial Page Focuses on Wall Street, Credit Union Inequity NewsWatch Today
07/24/2015 ICBA to Congress: Credit Union Plan a Congressional End-Run NewsWatch Today
07/22/2015 ICBA Urges Hearing on Proposal to Expand Credit Union Biz-Lending Powers NewsWatch Today
07/22/2015 ICBA Continues Fight Against Backdoor Credit Union Expansion Push NewsWatch Today
07/21/2015 Letter Requesting Hearing on NCUA Member Business Lending Proposal Letter to Congress
07/21/2015 Letter Opposing Amendment Increasing Credit Union Member Business Lending Cap Letter to Congress
06/22/2015 ICBA Rejects NCUA Proposal to Expand Credit Union Business Lending Powers News Release
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/23/2015 National Credit Union Administration Risk-Based Capital Letter to Regulators
03/10/2015 CUNA Fly In Letter to Congress
03/03/2015 Tax-Exempt Credit Unions Priority Policy Resolution
03/03/2015 ICBA: Tax-Exempt Credit Union Push Makes No Financial or Fiscal Sense News Release
09/09/2014 Oppose Any New Expanded Powers for Credit Unions Letter to Congress
05/28/2014 Prompt Corrective Action—Risk Based Capital Letter to Regulators
03/10/2014 Industry Letter on Credit Union Tax Exemption Industry Letter to Congress
07/23/2013 Reconsideration of the Tax Exemption for Large Credit Unions: An Opportunity to Broaden the Tax Base, Raise Revenue, and Improve the Marketplace for Financial Services Letter to Congress
06/20/2013 Credit Union Tax Exemption Letter to Congress
06/18/2013 Credit Union Tax Plan Letter to Congress
05/17/2013 ICBA: Tax-Exempt Credit Union Push Makes No Financial or Fiscal Sense News Release
05/17/2013 Opposition to the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act (S. 968) Letter to Congress
03/11/2013 Opposition to the Capital Access for Small Business Act (H.R. 719) Letter to Congress
02/20/2013 Credit Union Member Business Lending Letter to Congress
11/26/2012 Letter Opposing S. 2231 Joint Letter to Congress
11/15/2012 Congressional Budget Office Revenue Cost Estimates for H.R. 1418 and S. 2231 (Credit Union Member Business Lending) Letter to Congress
07/26/2012 Why Lift Lending Cap? Credit Unions Can Skirt It Anyway Op Ed by Cam Fine on American
07/23/2012 Proposed Expansion of Member Business Lending Authority for Credit Unions Letter to Congress
07/17/2012 Joint Letter Opposing S. 2231 Joint Letter to Congress
05/14/2012 Credit Union Tax Exemption Letter to Congress
04/16/2012 Opposition to the “Restore Main Street’s Credit Act of 2012” (H.R. 4293) Letter to Congress
04/11/2012 Credit Union CEO Opposes Enhanced Lending Authority for Credit Unions Letter to Congress
03/26/2012 Credit Union Collapse a Wake-Up Call to Stop Controversial Business Lending Expansion News Release
03/15/2012 Joint Letter Supporting H.R. 3606 But Opposing Senator Udall’s Amendment Joint Letter to Congress
03/15/2012 Joint Letter Opposing the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act (H.R. 1418 and S. 509) Joint Letter to Congress
03/06/2012 Joint Letter Opposing S. 509 Joint Letter to Congress
02/06/2012 Industry Letter Opposing H.R. 1418 Industry Letter to Congress
10/12/2011 H.R. 1418: The Small Business Lending Enhancement Act of 2011 Testimony
08/30/2011 Opposition to Expanded Subsidies for Tax-Exempt Credit Unions Letter to President Obama
06/14/2011 Industry Letter Opposing to the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act of 2011 (S. 509) Industry Letter to Congress
03/03/2011 Opposing Expansion of Credit Union Lending Powers Letter to Congress
10/07/2010 Corporate Credit Unions Letter to Regulators
07/08/2010 Letter Opposing Udall Credit Union Amendment to the Small Business Lending Fund Legislation Letter to Congress
06/09/2010 Credit Unions Letter to the Editor
06/09/2010 Benefits of Community Banks Letter to the Editor
05/19/2010 Expansion of Credit Union Commercial Lending Powers Letter to Congress
03/24/2010 Credit Union Business Lending Powers Joint Letter to Regulators
02/26/2010 ICBA Successfully Opposes Credit Union Plan, Though Threat Remains IWR
12/07/2009 Opposition to Adding HR 3380 to a Future Jobs Bill Letter to Congress
07/08/2009 The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Community Banks and Credit Unions in Rural Communities Testimony
02/12/2009 Credit Union Participation in TARP or CAP Letter to Regulators
08/14/2008 Proposed Amendments to NCUA Member Business Loans Letter to Regulators
06/30/2008 Proposed Changes to NCUA's Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) Rule Letter to Regulators
04/28/2008 Vote NO on the Credit Union Regulatory Relief Act of 2008 (H.R. 5519) Letter to the Hill
07/13/2007 NCUA Sued Over Charter Conversion Regulations IWR
12/01/2006 Chairman Thomas Remains Critical of NCUA IWR
11/17/2006 Pennsylvania Bankers Win Credit-Union Court Decision IWR
06/30/2006 CU Group Threatens to Derail Reg Relief Bill WWR
06/30/2006 ICBA Criticizes NCUA Rules WWR
05/12/2006 ICBA Supports Right of CUs to Choose Charter WWR
05/11/2006 H.R. 3206, Credit Union Charter Choice Act Written Statement
04/21/2006 Dearborn FCU Ends Conversion Effort WWR
03/31/2006 Credit Unions Under Fire WWR
03/31/2006 ICBA Urges Changes to NCUA’s Underserved Area Policy WWR
03/22/2006 Rep. Thomas Letter to NCUA Letter
03/03/2006 ICBA Urges Congress to Oppose Credit Union Power Grab WWR
03/03/2006 Snow Reaffirms Support for Credit Union Tax Subsidy WWR
02/17/2006 NCUA Assessing Credit Union Service WWR
01/13/2006 ICBA Meets With GAO on New Credit Union Study WWR
01/06/2006 NCUA Sets Moratorium on CU Expansion of Underserved Areas WWR
11/18/2005 Credit Union Provisions Beaten Back WWR
11/03/2005 Review of the Credit Union Tax Exemption Testimony
10/28/2005 Hearing to Shine Light on Credit Union Tax Exemption WWR
09/30/2005 ICBA Criticizes Changes to NCUA's RegFlex Program WWR
09/09/2005 NUCA Proposes Lower Capital Requirements for RegFlex Program WWR
08/26/2005 Magistrate Rules Against NCUA in Texas CU Case WWR
08/26/2005 New CRS Study Questions Credit Union Tax Exemption WWR
07/15/2005 ICBA-Backed Bill Protects Credit Union Charter Choice WWR
06/03/2005 ICBA to Congress: NO CURIA WWR
05/23/2005 ICBA Position on Credit Union Regulatory Improvement Act Letter to the Editor of the Credit Union Journal
05/20/2005 "CURIA" Re-Introduced WWR
02/25/2005 Utah Legislature Asks Congress to Review CU Tax Exemption WWR
02/24/2005 Study of the Federal Tax Exemption for Credt Unions (PDF) Letter to Secretary Snow
01/28/2005 Utah House Passes Credit Union Resolution WWR
01/14/2005 CU Lobby to Flood Congress with Anti-Tax Petitions WWR
11/17/2004 ICBA Response to HUD Secretary's Comments to Credit Union Journal Letter to Regulators
10/01/2004 Credit Unions Want Capital Option, Survey Shows WWR
08/27/2004 ICBA to NCUA: Retract Credit Union SBA Lending Proposal WWR
08/06/2004 NCUA: LA County a "Well-Defined Local Community"; ICBA: Huh? WWR
06/04/2004 Banking Trade Groups Unite on Credit Union Issues WWR
05/14/2004 New Study Says Bank-like Credit Unions Should Pay Taxes WWR
04/30/2004 Tax-Exempt Credit Unions Insult Three Million Taxpaying Small Businesses WWR
04/23/2004 Tell Congress "Enough is Enough" on Credit Union Expansion WWR
04/16/2004 A Bridge Too Far WWR
04/09/2004 Kerry, Bush Administration, See Eye-to-Eye on Credit Unions WWR
03/05/2004 Banks Gain Ally on Credit Union Issue WWR
03/05/2004 Credit Union Tax Exemption Comes Under Fire in Congress WWR
02/27/2004 Snow Showers Praise on Credit Unions' Tax Exemption, Business Lending WWR
02/20/2004 Credit Unions March on Washington WWR
02/13/2004 Record Number of Credit Unions Merged, Changed Charters in 2003 WWR
01/09/2004 NCUA Rejects GAO Recommendations on Credit Unions WWR
12/03/2003 ICBA Denounces Proposed Credit Union Rules and Affirms Right to Convert to Mutual Savings Bank News Release
12/01/2003 Proposals Regarding Conversion of Insured Credit Unions to Mutual Savings Banks Letter to Regulators
12/01/2003 NCUA Proposed Amendments Concerning Suretyship and Guaranty Agreements and Maximum Borrowing Authority Letter to Regulators
11/07/2003 GAO Issues Study on Credit Unions WWR
11/06/2003 GAO Study Confirms Credit Unions Lend Less to Low- and Moderate-Income Areas Than Banks News Release
09/26/2003 Banks Score a Partial Victory with Credit Unions WWR
06/06/2003 Treasury, ICBA Criticize Proposed CU Business Loan Rule WWR
04/04/2003 NCUA Approves Expanded FOM Rules WWR
04/04/2003 NCUA Proposes to Boost Credit Union Business Lending WWR
02/21/2003 NCUA Proposal Goes Too Far, ICBA Says WWR
02/14/2003 Credit Union Access to SBA 7(a) Loan Program Letter to Regulators
12/06/2002 The Mythology of the Credit Union Common Bond WWR
12/14/2001 Credit Unions Straying from Mission, ICBA Says WWR
12/10/2001 Community Action PlanAccess Restricted ICBA Letter to NCUA Chairman
12/07/2001 No CRA for Credit Unions WWR
11/30/2001 More Regulatory Exemptions for Credit Unions WWR
11/16/2001 Court Rules in Favor of Credit Unions WWR
07/27/2001 Federal Credit Unions Get Expanded Powers WWR
07/13/2001 Credit Unions Unveil WWR
02/03/1999 NCUA Implementation of the Credit Union Membership Access Act of 1998 Testimony
Proposed Expansion of Credit Union Powers

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