Credit Unions

Stop the CU Grab

When credit unions were originally established by Congress, they were granted a federal tax exemption because they existed to serve those of modest means who share a common bond. Today, many credit unions are virtually indistinguishable from taxpaying community banks.

ICBA is urging Congress to level the tax and regulatory playing field between community banks and credit unions. Meanwhile, it strongly opposes the National Credit Union Administration’s expansionist agenda to circumvent Congress and award new powers to these tax-exempt institutions.


Join ICBA in calling on Congress to ensure credit unions do not become tax-exempt banks.

Date Title Publication
07/21/2016 House Member Seeks Study on Credit Union Tax Exemption NewsWatch Today
06/23/2016 All CUs Could Serve Underserved Areas Under New Bill NewsWatch Today
06/06/2016 NCUA Lauds Growth in Credit Union Lending NewsWatch Today
03/08/2016 Tax-Exempt Credit Unions Priority Policy Resolution
02/18/2016 ICBA: NCUA Sidesteps Congressional Debate Over Credit Union Business Lending News Release
02/09/2016 ICBA: NCUA Expansionist Credit Union Proposal Flouts Congressional Authority News Release
02/08/2016 Letter on NCUA's Proposal to Significantly Expand Field of Membership Rules for Federally Charted Credit Unions Letter to Regulators
01/20/2016 Industry Letter on the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) Proposal to Reform Its Field of Membership Restrictions Industry Letter to Congress
11/20/2015 ICBA: Credit Union Regulator Again Shows it’s Captive to Tax-Exempt Industry News Release
08/31/2015 ICBA Opposes Plan to Expand Credit Union Business Lending Powers News Release
08/31/2015 Proposed Rule to Expand the Offering of Member Business Loans and Commercial Loans Letter to Regulators
07/21/2015 Letter Requesting Hearing on NCUA Member Business Lending Proposal Letter to Congress
07/21/2015 Letter Opposing Amendment Increasing Credit Union Member Business Lending Cap Letter to Congress
06/22/2015 ICBA Rejects NCUA Proposal to Expand Credit Union Business Lending Powers News Release
05/14/2015 Tax Subsidies For Credit Unions and the Farm Credit System Letter to Congress
04/23/2015 National Credit Union Administration Risk-Based Capital Letter to Regulators
03/10/2015 CUNA Fly In Letter to Congress
03/03/2015 ICBA: Tax-Exempt Credit Union Push Makes No Financial or Fiscal Sense News Release
09/09/2014 Oppose Any New Expanded Powers for Credit Unions Letter to Congress
05/28/2014 Prompt Corrective Action—Risk Based Capital Letter to Regulators
03/10/2014 Industry Letter on Credit Union Tax Exemption Industry Letter to Congress
07/23/2013 Reconsideration of the Tax Exemption for Large Credit Unions: An Opportunity to Broaden the Tax Base, Raise Revenue, and Improve the Marketplace for Financial Services Letter to Congress
06/20/2013 Credit Union Tax Exemption Letter to Congress
06/18/2013 Credit Union Tax Plan Letter to Congress
05/17/2013 ICBA: Tax-Exempt Credit Union Push Makes No Financial or Fiscal Sense News Release
05/17/2013 Opposition to the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act (S. 968) Letter to Congress
03/11/2013 Opposition to the Capital Access for Small Business Act (H.R. 719) Letter to Congress
02/20/2013 Credit Union Member Business Lending Letter to Congress

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