ICBA Policy Resolution: Strengthening Memberships


  • ICBA, the exclusive national voice for community banks, represents community banks of all sizes and types. ICBA is focused on providing the highest membership value available for community banks.
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships, educational offerings, and government and regulatory policy advocacy, the Member Relations team positions ICBA as a key strategic partner for the community banking industry.


ICBA communicates its multifaceted membership benefits and policy positions to all community bankers through a variety of outreach methods. These outreach efforts include one-on-one visits from regionally positioned Member Relations Officers, direct phone outreach, targeted marketing campaigns, state convention participation, daily electronic communication, and special alerts.

All ICBA’s efforts are centered around the association’s core mission: “To create and promote an environment where community banks flourish.” The Member Relations Team endeavors to integrate the association as a strategic partner and resource for all community banks. The team seeks to introduce appropriate solutions commensurate with a bank’s strategic vision and overall balance sheet needs. Effectively executing this strategy translates into growth and success for both ICBA and the community banking industry.   

Staff Contact: Loughlin Cleary