ICBA Policy Resolution: Minority Banks


  • ICBA strongly supports the promotion, creation, preservation and ownership of minority financial institutions consistent with Section 308 of the Financial Institution Reform Recovery Enforcement Act (FIRREA).
  • ICBA’s Minority Bank Council helps to shape ICBA advocacy and solutions that benefit minority banks and the communities they serve.
  • ICBA works closely with federal banking agencies and federal programs to improve responsiveness to minority bank needs and concerns.


Minority banks play a unique role serving as catalysts for economic growth and revitalization in the neighborhoods they serve. These banks often play a critical role in providing credit, capital and financial services to low-to-moderate income and minority communities in urban, rural and suburban areas that are economically distressed and have historically been underserved by the financial industry. Minority banks know and understand the culture of the communities they serve and are able to provide customized and culturally-sensitive products and services. They finance small businesses, make housing affordable, revitalize community facilities, and provide financial literacy and technical assistance to their customers.

Minority banks are committed to the social mission of helping to improve lives and stabilizing neighborhoods despite the difficulties and challenges of operating in distressed communities. It is crucial that minority banks have the financial and regulatory support they need to stay operational and profitable.

Staff Contacts: Kianga Lee and Rhonda Thomas-Whitley