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Date Recipient Title
12/01/16 Senators Moran and Merkley and Representatives Aderholt and Farr Industry Letter Seeking Adequate Funding for Farm Service Agency (PDF) 
11/28/16 Congress ICBA Advocacy Priorities (PDF) 
10/26/16 Representative Jenkins Support for the Enhancing Credit Opportunities in Rural America Act of 2016 (the ECORA Act, H.R. 6260) (PDF) 
10/14/16 Senator Schumer Composition of the Senate Banking Committee in the 115th Congress (PDF) 
10/07/16 Senators Rounds and Warner Support for Legislation to Strengthen Municipal Bond Market (S. 3404) (PDF) 
10/05/16 Senators Warner and Moran Support for Reciprocal Deposit Legislation (S. 3373) (PDF) 
09/29/16 Representative Hultgren Support for the Bring Small Businesses Back Tax Reform Act (H.R. 5374) (PDF) 
09/23/16 Honorable Hatch, Wyden, Brady and Levin Letter Opposing Proposed Rule concerning the Valuation of Family Businesses for Purposes of the Estate and Gift Tax (PDF) 
09/21/16 Senators Thune and Cardin Support for Thune-Cardin Amendment to Allow IRA Investments in Subchapter S Banks (PDF) 
09/20/16 House and Senate Letter on Consumer Fraud Perpetrated by Wells Fargo Employees (PDF) 
09/15/16 Senators Moran and Merkley, Representatives Aderholt and Farr Thank You for Agreeing to the USDA Reprogramming Request for the FSA Farm Loan Programs (PDF) 
09/15/16 Senators Hoeven and Klobuchar Thank You for Introducing S. 3229 – The Capital for Farmers and Ranchers Act of 2016 (PDF) 
09/12/16 Representative Hensarling Support for the “Financial CHOICE Act of 2016” (the Choice Act, H.R. 5983) (PDF) 
09/12/16 Representative Bost Thank you for Introducing H.R.5733 – The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Guaranteed Loan Modernization Act of 2016 (PDF) 
08/30/16 Senators Donnelly and Sasse Thank You for Coordinating a Letter to CFPB Director Cordray Requesting that the CFPB Tailor Regulations to Community Banks (PDF) 

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