Sheltered Harbor

A voluntary initiative, which provides continuity for customers in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack. 

Cyber Security Protection Community Banks

Sheltered Harbor is a voluntary initiative created by the financial services industry, which provides financial institutions and their customers with an extra layer of protection in the event of a disaster or damaging cyber-attack directed at an institution. From the smallest to the largest financial institutions, Sheltered Harbor members collectively represent a majority of the retail banking and brokerage accounts in the United States.

How Does Sheltered Harbor Achieve Greater Protection for Community Bank Customers?

Cyber Attack Industry Response

Industry Response

Resiliency standards established by the financial services industry ensure that consumers receive timely access to their accounts in the event that their bank or brokerage from becomes inoperable due to a major cyber event.

Sheltered Harbor Standard Data

Standard Data

All participating institutions make a daily copy of the consumer’s account data in a standard format, which enables the restoration of account by another institution or processor in the event of a major loss of operations.

Sheltered Harbor Monitor

Monitored Regularly

All participating institutions update their adherence reviews to ensure that the Sheltered Harbor standards are exercised consistently and in accordance with Sheltered Harbor specifications.

Sheltered Harbor Secure Vault

Secure Vault

Your customers’ account data is archived in a secure data vault that is protected from alteration or deletion. The data will stay intact and accessible if needed-exactly as when it was archived. Think of this as a fall-out shelter for customer data, with each institution providing its own data vault.

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