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While credit unions were originally granted a federal tax exemption because they were established by Congress to serve those of modest means who share a common bond, many are now virtually indistinguishable from taxpaying community banks. ICBA urges Congress to level the tax and regulatory playing field between community banks and credit unions while it strongly opposes the National Credit Union Administration’s expansionist agenda.

With the ICBA Credit Union Task Force, ICBA is taking on the disturbing trend of large credit unions increasing their taxpayer-subsidized footprint by buying up smaller, taxpaying community banks. ICBA offers the following customizable resources that community bankers can use to shine a light on this troubling trend in their local communities.

Be Heard in Washington: Urge Congress to Investigate

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Articles & Press Releases

Title Publication Date
ICBA Seeks Hearings on ‘Emergency’ CU Merger NewsWatch Today Article 01/22/19
ICBA Pushes Back on PenFed Acquisition Plans NewsWatch Today Article 01/07/19
Romero Rainey: End the Credit Union Free Ride NewsWatch Today Article 09/18/18
ICBA Sends Report on Credit Union Growth to Congress NewsWatch Today Article 08/07/18
ICBA Opposes NCUA Rule Issued Amid Court Challenge Press Release 06/21/18
ICBA Continues Hill Campaign Exposing Credit Union Tax Exemption NewsWatch Today Article 06/20/18
ICBA Joins Sen. Hatch’s Call for Credit Union Transparency Press Release 04/24/18
ICBA Calls for Senate Hearing on Credit Union Tax Subsidy Press Release 02/21/18
Sen. Hatch Speaks Out Against Credit Union Power Grab NewsWatch Today Article 02/01/18
ICBA Thanks Sen. Hatch for Speaking Out Against Credit Union Power Grab Press Release 01/31/18
ICBA, State Affiliates File Brief Supporting ABA Lawsuit Against NCUA Press Release 06/05/17
ICBA Urges NCUA to Withdraw Alternative Capital Plan Press Release 05/09/17
ICBA Statement on NCUA Lawsuit Press Release 03/27/17
ICBA Comment on Dismissal of Lawsuit Against NCUA Press Release 01/24/17
ICBA Statement on NCUA Lawsuit Court Hearing Press Release 12/15/16
ICBA to Court: Reject NCUA Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit NewsWatch Today Article 11/17/16
ICBA to Court: Reject NCUA Motion to Dismiss Commercial Lending Lawsuit Press Release 11/17/16
ICBA Stands Firmly Opposed to NCUA’s New Field of Membership Rule Press Release 10/27/16
ICBA Sues NCUA Over Unlawful Lending Regulation Press Release 09/07/16

Letters to Congress

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