Articles & Press Releases

Title Publication Date
FAQs Detail Implementation of LIBOR Alternative NewsWatch Today Article 09/21/18
OCC Targeting Recovery-Planning Guidelines to Largest Banks NewsWatch Today Article 09/20/18
Trump Announces New Fed Nominee NewsWatch Today Article 09/20/18
Clarida Sworn in as Fed Governor NewsWatch Today Article 09/18/18
Guidance Does Not Have Force of Law, Agencies Reaffirm NewsWatch Today Article 09/12/18
2019 Community Institution Council Members Announced NewsWatch Today Article 09/10/18
FDIC Announces Key Personnel Changes NewsWatch Today Article 09/05/18
ICBA Statement on OCC Community Reinvestment Act Announcement Press Release 08/28/18
Community Bank Income Rises 21 Percent NewsWatch Today Article 08/24/18
Fed Officials Debate Applying Megabank Capital Buffer NewsWatch Today Article 08/23/18
Fed Research Director Retiring NewsWatch Today Article 08/21/18
Op-Ed: Bowman is ‘Perfect Fit’ for Fed Seat NewsWatch Today Article 08/07/18
ICBA Urges FDIC to Deny Nelnet Application Press Release 08/01/18
ICBA Statement on Treasury, OCC Regulatory Announcements Press Release 08/01/18
FDIC Needs Better IT Coordination: Watchdog NewsWatch Today Article 07/30/18
Quarles Sworn in for Full Term NewsWatch Today Article 07/24/18
ICBA Urges Senate Vote on Bowman Nomination NewsWatch Today Article 07/24/18
ICBA Urges Senate to Schedule Vote on Miki Bowman Nomination Press Release 07/23/18
Fed: Mobile Continues Overtaking Checks NewsWatch Today Article 07/11/18
Federal Reserve Considers Updated Fedwire Funds Service Format NewsWatch Today Article 07/06/18
ICBA Backs Corporate Governance Reform Bill NewsWatch Today Article 07/02/18
Reg CC Rule Changes Take Effect July 1 NewsWatch Today Article 06/25/18
Fed’s Powell: Case for More Rate Hikes Strong NewsWatch Today Article 06/20/18
ICBA to FHFA: Expand Recapitalization Plans NewsWatch Today Article 06/18/18
ICBA, Other Groups Urge FHFA to Expand on Plans to Recapitalize Fannie, Freddie Press Release 06/18/18
Fed Approves Rule Limiting Megabank Counterparty Limits NewsWatch Today Article 06/14/18
Fed Raises Rates with More Hikes Expected This Year NewsWatch Today Article 06/13/18
Committee Advances Fed Nominees NewsWatch Today Article 06/13/18
New Capital Requirements Proposed for Fannie, Freddie NewsWatch Today Article 06/13/18
ICBA Opposes Plan to Ease Capital Rules on Riskiest Megabanks Press Release 06/13/18
ICBA Urges Panel to Approve Fed Nominee NewsWatch Today Article 06/08/18
McWilliams Sworn in as FDIC Chairman NewsWatch Today Article 06/06/18
Fed Expected to Back Gradual Rate Hikes NewsWatch Today Article 06/01/18
Federal Reserve Advances Volcker Rule Proposal NewsWatch Today Article 05/29/18
McWilliams Confirmed for FDIC Chairman NewsWatch Today Article 05/24/18
OCC Encourages Banks to Offer Responsible Small-Dollar Loans NewsWatch Today Article 05/23/18
ICBA Statement on OCC Small-Dollar Guidance Press Release 05/23/18
Community Bank Income Rises 17.7 Percent NewsWatch Today Article 05/22/18
Senate Taking Up FDIC Nomination Next Week NewsWatch Today Article 05/18/18
Fed Nominee: I’ve Seen Community Bank Overregulation Firsthand NewsWatch Today Article 05/16/18
ICBA Urging Swift Confirmation of Miki Bowman NewsWatch Today Article 05/15/18
ICBA Urges Swift Confirmation of Miki Bowman Press Release 05/15/18
Deposit Insurance Leads to Inflows at Failing Banks: Study NewsWatch Today Article 05/04/18
ICBA Statement on Thomas Hoenig’s Service as FDIC Vice Chairman Press Release 05/03/18
State Regulators’ OCC Fintech Lawsuit Dismissed NewsWatch Today Article 05/02/18
Wells Fargo Fined $1B for Auto, Mortgage Violations NewsWatch Today Article 04/23/18
ICBA Endorses Bowman for Fed Governor NewsWatch Today Article 04/16/18
Regulators Propose Phasing In CECL NewsWatch Today Article 04/16/18
ICBA Endorses Miki Bowman for Fed Governor Press Release 04/16/18
NY Fed Begins Publishing LIBOR Alternatives NewsWatch Today Article 04/04/18
Fed Launching Payments Fraud Study NewsWatch Today Article 03/30/18
In Parting Shot, Hoenig Says Strong Standards Allow for Relief NewsWatch Today Article 03/29/18
Reserve Banks Remit $80.6B to Treasury in ’17 NewsWatch Today Article 03/26/18
Fed Raises Benchmark Interest Rate NewsWatch Today Article 03/21/18
FDIC Reserve Ratio Ahead of Schedule NewsWatch Today Article 03/20/18
ICBA Backs Broader Exceptions to FDIC Hiring Policy NewsWatch Today Article 03/09/18
ICBA Representing Community Banks on Alternative Rates Panel Press Release 03/08/18
Fed Proposes Reg J, CC Conformity NewsWatch Today Article 03/07/18
FHLBank Affordable Housing Program Updates Proposed NewsWatch Today Article 03/07/18
ICBA Urges Joint Agency Review of Rules on Bank Boards NewsWatch Today Article 02/14/18
Powell: Fed Alert to Risk While Seeking Reg Efficiency NewsWatch Today Article 02/14/18
OCC, CFPB Heads Meet on Reg Burden NewsWatch Today Article 02/07/18
FDIC Releases 2018 Stress Test Scenarios NewsWatch Today Article 02/07/18
FHFA Updates Fannie, Freddie Housing Goals NewsWatch Today Article 02/07/18
Powell Replaces Yellen as Fed Chair NewsWatch Today Article 02/05/18
Fed Restricts Wells Fargo’s Growth Following Abuses NewsWatch Today Article 02/05/18
Faster Payments Task Force Seeks Stakeholder Engagement NewsWatch Today Article 02/02/18
ICBA Thanks Fed Chair Yellen For Her Service Press Release 02/02/18
FDIC Nominee Advocates Relief as Powell Confirmed for Fed NewsWatch Today Article 01/24/18
ICBA Supports FDIC Nomination Ahead of Hearing NewsWatch Today Article 01/23/18
ICBA Statement on FHFA Letter on Housing-Finance Reform Press Release 01/18/18
Minn. Fed Proposes Community Bank Relief in TBTF Report NewsWatch Today Article 01/11/18
FDIC Highlights Minority Bank Partnerships NewsWatch Today Article 01/03/18
ICBA Statement on Fannie, Freddie Capital Reserve Press Release 12/21/17
Fed Rules Updates Continue CFPB Transition NewsWatch Today Article 12/19/17
FHFA Issues Plans for Underserved Markets NewsWatch Today Article 12/19/17
Jelena McWilliams Nominated for FDIC Chairman NewsWatch Today Article 12/01/17
ICBA Statement on Nomination of Jelena McWilliams for FDIC Chairman ​ Press Release 12/01/17
ICBA Statement on GSE Profit Sweep Discussions Press Release 11/30/17
Yellen: Fed Committed to Gradual Rate Increases NewsWatch Today Article 11/29/17
ICBA Statement on Confirmation of Otting as Comptroller of the Currency Press Release 11/16/17
ICBA Statement on Noreika Speech about Banking and Commerce Press Release 11/08/17
ICBA Statement on Nomination of Jerome Powell for Fed Chairman Press Release 11/02/17
ICBA and NAFCU Urge Watt on Fannie, Freddie Capital Buffers Press Release 10/19/17
ICBA Statement on SoFi Bank’s FDIC Application Withdrawal Press Release 10/16/17
ICBA Urges FDIC to Deny Square Application Press Release 10/10/17
ICBA Statement on Testimony from FHFA Director Mel Watt Press Release 10/03/17
ICBA: Impose a Two-Year Moratorium on Deposit Insurance for ILC Charters Press Release 09/14/17
ICBA Reflects on Anniversary of GSE Conservatorship Press Release 09/06/17
ICBA Supports Fed’s Faster Payments Recommendations Press Release 07/21/17
ICBA Comment on SoFi Bank FDIC Application Press Release 07/18/17
ICBA Supports Hatch-King-Nelson Bill Promoting Community Bank Capital Press Release 05/30/17
ICBA Statement on Remarks from FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig Press Release 05/12/17
ICBA Statement on Testimony from FHFA Director Mel Watt Press Release 05/11/17
ICBA Statement on CSBS Lawsuit Against OCC Press Release 04/26/17
ICBA White Paper Lays Out Principles for Housing-Finance Reform Press Release 04/25/17
ICBA Urges OCC to Rescind Fintech Proposal Press Release 04/12/17
ICBA Meets with Treasury Officials on Pro-Growth Regulatory Relief Press Release 04/05/17
ICBA: Let Fannie, Freddie Build Capital Press Release 02/17/17
ICBA Congratulates Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Press Release 02/14/17
Call Reports Due Monday, Jan. 30 NewsWatch Today Article 01/12/17
ICBA Expresses Grave Concerns About Proposed FinTech Federal Charter NewsWatch Today Article 12/02/16
ICBA Proposal Offers Safe, Ubiquitous Path to Faster Payments Press Release 10/06/16
ICBA Testifies in Support of Bills Improving Regulatory Treatment of Community Bank Deposits Press Release 09/27/16
ICBA Encouraged by Proposal to Streamline Call Report Press Release 08/05/16
ICBA Statement on FHA Property Assessed Clean Energy Policy Press Release 07/20/16
ICBA to OCC: FinTech Response Requires Level Playing Field Press Release 06/01/16
ICBA Statement on New FDIC De Novo Policy Press Release 04/06/16
ICBA Statement on Today’s FDIC Board Meeting Press Release 01/21/16
FHFA Drops ICBA-Opposed Asset Test from FHLBank Rule Press Release 01/12/16
Community Bank Successes Provide Year of Progress CEO Alert 12/07/15
ICBA Statement on Highway Bill Conference Report Press Release 12/01/15
ICBA Supports House Passage of Pro-Community Bank Amendments Press Release 11/05/15
ICBA Statement on Freddie Mac Third-Quarter Loss Press Release 11/03/15
ICBA Statement on FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund Proposed Rule Press Release 10/22/15
Committee Advances ICBA-Advocated Regulatory Relief Bills Press Release 10/01/15
Success Is Sweet, But Continued Success Is Even Sweeter CEO Alert 02/11/15

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
Senate Majority, Minority Leaders
Senate Banking Committee
Senate Banking Committee
Senate Banking Committee
Senators Crapo and Brown
Representative Neugebauer
Senators McConnell and Reid and Representatives Boehner and Pelosi
Representatives Hensarling and Waters
Representatives Boehner and Pelosi
Representatives Boehner, Pelosi, McCarthy and Hoyer
Senators Inhofe and Boxer
House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees

Letters to Regulators

Title Recipient Date
Federal Reserve Board
FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC, Department of Treasury
OCC, Federal Reserve, and FDIC
Federal Reserve
FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Reserve
Federal Housing Finance Agency


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