ICBA - Advocacy - ICBA Policy Resolutions for 2016<br>Track I: Legislation and Regulation

ICBA Policy Resolutions for 2016
Track I: Legislation and Regulation



  • ICBA urges CEOs of all member banks, corporate associate members, and state and regional partners to sign an ICBPAC Prior Authorization form and contribute to ICBPAC.
  • CEOs should encourage their eligible officers and employees to contribute to ICBPAC, in particular, by adopting payroll deduction as a contribution method.
  • CEOs should encourage their directors to contribute to ICBPAC. All banks that achieve 100 percent PAC participation from their board of directors are eligible for membership in ICBPAC’s Directors Club.


ICBPAC, the only national federal political action committee that exclusively represents the interests of community banks and other community financial institutions, raised more than $1,600,000 in the 2013-2014 election cycle. This figure secures ICBPAC’s place among the top federal PACs nationwide. The primary objective of ICBPAC is to support the election and reelection of candidates and members of Congress who have proven records of support for the community banking industry.

ICBPAC is essential to ensuring that the voices of community bankers are heard on Capitol Hill. Broad support of ICBPAC through contributions by member bank CEOs, executive employees, and directors is vital for the success of ICBA’s advocacy activities.

Staff Contact: Courtney Schoenborn

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