Nasreen Quibria

Vice President, Emerging Payments and Technology Policy

Washington, D.C.


Nasreen Quibria joins us today as Vice President, Emerging Payments, and Technology Policy. In her new role, she will represent ICBA and advocate policy positions regarding payments and bank technology before financial regulatory agencies, private-sector organizations, and Congress.

Nasreen's expertise encompasses the financial ecosystem, spanning disruptive emerging technologies (blockchain, bitcoin, NFC) in the consumer space to corporate treasury, cash management, bank transformation, and payment market infrastructure modernization efforts.  These are areas she also covered as a former industry analyst and as an executive consultant with prominent firms. 

Previously Nasreen founded the boutique payments research and consulting company Q Insights.  Nasreen also served as a senior advisor in innovation and technology to NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association), guiding standardization efforts in U.S. financial services enabled by APIs and ISO 20022.

Nasreen has led successful initiatives in the financial services and technology industries and held key roles in the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Emerging Payments Research Group.

Nasreen holds a BA in economics from Wellesley College and an MBA in finance and strategy from Boston College.