Stephen A. Ello

ICBA Reinsurance President and CEO

Washington, DC


Stephen Ello is president and CEO of ICBA Reinsurance®, ICBA’s credit insurance services corporation. He has served in various roles for ICBA Reinsurance and the ICBA Services Network® for the past 27 years. Before assuming his current position, Ello was director of services for the ICBA Services Network and developed innovative programs and services for ICBA community banks nationwide.

Prior to joining ICBA, Ello was a senior planning analyst for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International. He also worked in government relations for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Ello co-authored a paper he presented to the 2014 ASAE annual meeting, entitled, “The Best of Both Worlds: Adding a For-Profit Subsidiary to your Nonprofit Association.” He is a sought-after speaker for ASAE and the ASAE Center for Association Leadership, and serves on the board of directors of its subsidiary, ASAE Business Services, Inc.

A certified association executive (CAE), Ello earned a BA in history and English from Georgetown University and studied at St. John’s College.