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Audio Series: 4-Part Community Bank Officers/Directors (WAV)

This four-part audio conference series is designed specifically for community bank officers and directors and will offer a one-hour audio conference on the second or third Thursday of each quarter. These audio conferences will last approximately an hour each and will be full of important advice and information for community bank directors and officers.

A New Look at Your Old Bank Holding Company:
Recorded: March 21, 2013

Approximately 80% of banks in America are in a bank holding company structure. Why? Does the community bank holding company structure offer benefits? Absolutely! Can community banks organized in a holding company structure take advantage of certain opportunities that might not be otherwise available? Yes! This audio conference will help community bank directors and officers take a fresh look at their holding company, and will discuss the need and benefits of the holding company structure. The presentation will also include a detailed discussion on several specific transactions available to the holding company that will enhance shareholder value.

Capitalizing on Your Community Bank Advantage:
Recorded: June 20, 2013

The current environment is tough for community banks. Loan demand is soft, net interest margins are squeezed and the government has given an all but explicit guarantee of survival for the nation’s largest banks. What is a community bank to do? Capitalize on the community bank advantage! This session will assist community banks in identifying and capitalizing on their competitive advantage. The conference will provide banks the tools to compete and win in a rapidly changing environment. This session will prove helpful to community bank officers and directors by discussing numerous aspects of community bank operations and will give practical advice for how to improve these operations to beat your “too big to fail” counterparts. The presentation will also discuss how community banks can take advantage of capital rules, corporate structures and other transactions that are specifically designed for smaller, main street institutions.

Is My Strategic Planning Total “B. S.” (“Boring Stuff”):
Recorded: Sept. 19, 2013

Does your board engage in a formalized strategic planning process? If not, it should. If so, is it totally B. S.? It should not be! Community bank strategic planning is one of the most misunderstood aspects of appropriate corporate governance. It should not be boring, unproductive or painful for the directors. The bank’s strategic planning process should instead be engaging for the participants and provide big-picture action items and accountability for the organization. This audio conference will discuss the community bank strategic planning process and how to get away from the B. S. and to the good stuff.

Out with the Old, In with the New:
Recorded: Dec. 12, 2013

The final presentation of this four-part audio conference series will focus on wrapping up 2013 and moving ahead to 2014. This conference will discuss some of the highlights of the legislative, regulatory and compliance milestones for 2013, and will offer prospective on what to expect in 2014. This conference will contain prognostications for the year ahead and how to position your bank to thrive in the new year.

1 CPE Credit per audio conference

Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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