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  • 05/13/13: Counter Wall Street Spin on TBTF Act
    With Wall Street doing its best to undermine legislation that would take on the too-big-to-fail threat and end the six largest megabanks’ government-funded subsidy, every community banker, board member and employee must remain vigilant in urging their senators to support the Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act (S. 798).
  • 05/06/13: The Time Is Now To Act on Too-Big-To-Fail
    With Washington and the American public taking notice of the destructive impact of too-big-to-fail, now is time for community bankers nationwide to take action, ICBA Chairman Bill Loving and ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine write.
  • 04/02/13: Let’s Break Up the Too-Big-to-Fail Threat
    As the nation’s eyes turn once again to the threats posed by systemically risky financial firms, the Independent Community Bankers of America is here to reiterate our support for the only solution to the too-big-to-fail problem—downsizing these financial firms into more manageable and less dangerous parts.
  • 03/21/13: Stay in There and Keep Swinging – There’s a Bright Future Ahead
    In a post-2013 ICBA Convention message, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine writes to community bankers his take on the meeting. He explains that the meeting left him, and hopefully the nearly 3,300 bankers in attendance, feeling energized and ready to keep looking ahead to the bright future community bankers will have.
  • 03/04/13: Regulators Should, First, Do No Harm
    ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine wants Washington policymakers to develop a prognosis on how to restore health to the United States’ financial system by first stepping back and figuring out what not to do.  He explains that the community banking industry’s advocacy regimen for less restrictive regulatory policies.
  • 01/10/13: The Year Ahead for Community Banks
    In a new year’s message to community bankers, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine maps out the goals for the association during 2013, specifically ways ICBA plans to work toward regulatory relief for its members.
  • 12/04/12: Trillions for Wall Street, but Not One Cent for Main Street
    Cam Fine, ICBA’s president and CEO, calls on community bankers to write to Congress to extend the Transaction Account Guarantee. He goes on to detail that Wall Street was the party responsible for bringing upon the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and sucked down trillions of taxpayer dollars.
  • 07/02/12: Our Financial Freedom
    During an Independence Day message, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine tells community bankers that the roots of our diversified community banking system extend back to America’s earliest days, and encouraging community bankers to continue to fulfill America’s founding ideals of economic liberty and opportunity for all.
  • 04/17/12: Calls to Senate Urgent to Block Credit Union Power Grab
    In a video, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine encourages community bankers to counter the credit union industry’s efforts to expand their business-lending authority.
  • 07/15/10: The Final Shakeout on Financial Reform
    ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine discusses in an open letter to community bankers the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
  • 10/06/09: All Animals Are Equal (but some are more equal than others)
    ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine discusses that banks with less than $10 billion in assets hold about 19 percent of total financial assets in FDIC insured banks – yet pay more than 30 percent of the premiums to support the deposit fund. Fine explains that the FDIC’s assessment formula discriminates against community banks.
  • 09/15/09: Back to Their Wicked, Wicked Ways
    In a message to community bankers, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine talks about how Wall Street’s biggest players who took billions of dollars in taxpayer money, are going back to their “wicked, wicked ways,” and not learning from the financial crisis. Fine mentions that community banks have been consumed by the inferno that Wall Street started.
  • 07/01/09: Letter to Community Bankers
    ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine writes a letter to all community bankers explaining what ICBA supports from an 85-page white-paper proposal from the Obama Administration.

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