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Taxpayer Exposure

  • GAO Must Ensure Accurate Accounting in TBTF Study
    • The Government Accountability Office must use accurate calculations in its pending report on the too-big-to-fail issue to fully account for the taxpayer-funded advantages the major banks enjoy, according to a BankThink op-ed from Boston University professor Cornelius Hurley.
  • Taxpayer Guarantee of Too-Big-To-Fail Firms Persists
    • The government would, in the event of a crisis, once again prop up a failing large financial firm with taxpayer dollars rather than risk the consequences, ICBA said in a statement for the House Financial Services Committee hearing.
  • Rasmussen survey: 50% Favor Breaking Up Nation’s Largest Banks
    • A Rasmussen Reports survey found that half of all U.S. adults favor breaking up the 12 largest megabanks, which control nearly 70 percent of the banking industry, while only 23 percent were opposed. In addition, 55 percent said the government should let too-big-to-fail banks go out of business if they can no longer meet their financial obligations.
  • Chairman Campbell Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Future Bank Bailouts
    • In a press release issued by Congressman John Campbell’s office in February 2013, the Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade introduced the Systemic Risk Mitigation Act, which is a bill to eliminate the U.S.’ “too big to fail” problem.

Systemic Risk
Market Impact
Too Big to Jail

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