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Why DotBANK?

DotBANK is a protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable space on the Internet for the global banking communities and the customers it serves. The DotBANK domain extension will have enhanced security requirements that exceed that of most existing and new gTLDs. In addition, the dot-bank domain opens up much needed real estate on the Internet, providing new marketing and branding opportunities. The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and EnCirca have teamed up to educate and promote .BANK domain names to community bankers everywhere.

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How much safer is it?

.BANK domains create secure and trusted platforms that banks can use to interact online with their customers. When a consumer sees the .BANK extension, he or she immediately knows that the website is owned by a bank and is a safe place to manage his or her finances.

.BANK domains have more than 30 additional security requirements than .COM domains thereby granting additional layers of protection to the consumer. Consider the following difference between .COM and .BANK requirements:

Eligibility Anyone can get one
Restricted to banks only
Naming allocation Anything, leading to spoofing and phishing Must correspond to bank’s existing rights
Encryption Optional Required
Domain Name System Security Extensions Optional Required
Domain Message Authentication Reporting Optional Required
Email Authentication Optional Required
Multi-factor authentication Optional Required

Short domain names in .COM were snapped up by speculators long ago, but there are still a large number of short generic names available in .BANK. ICBA and EnCirca have teamed up to provide education and resources to community banks that would like to learn more about .BANK. For more information visit Encirca & ICBA.

Ready to Register Your .Bank Domain?

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