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About Us

ProfitStars®, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® helps financial institutions proactively identify and prepare for risks and market changes that could negatively impact their business  ProfitStars' industry-leading solutions and services include JHA Payment Solutions™, Information Security & Risk Management, Online & Mobile, Lending, Financial Performance, and Imaging/Data Management.  These solutions help approximately 9,000 clients mitigate and control risks, optimize revenue and growth opportunities, contain costs, and drive future success.


ICBA banks receive unique benefits when choosing an ICBA PSP solution from ProfitStars.


Program Features


Commercial Lending Solutions


Commercial Lending FinancialCenter™ - Offers community banks a branded online loan application process and pipeline management tool to attract more business borrowers.


Commercial Lending Management System™ - Provides the ability to leverage and monitor every possible type of collateral, including complex rate structures and administrative processes, enabling you to manage and structure loan products that meet the business needs while effectively managing risk.


BusinessManager®  - Enables asset-based lending by providing a community bank with the technology, marketing, backroom support and expertise to securitize working capital lines of credit.


LendingNetwork® - Alternative financing that retains a customer’s deposit relationship for an eventual return to the bank.


Payment Solutions


Remote Deposit Anywhere™ (RDA) - Mobile remote deposit capture.


Remobe Deposit Capture™ (RDC) - Web-based remote deposit caputre with ProfitStars proofing and balancing services.


Remote Deposit Express™ (RDX) - Web-based remote deposit caputre with merchant balancing.


Mobile Solutions


Banno Mobile PS™ - Native mobile banking application for both iOS and Android™ that offers a quick, cost-effective way to deploy innovative mobile services.


Web Solutions


Web Design, Hosting & Security Solutions™ - Comprehensive and specialized responsive website design, content management, hosting and security services.


Payment Solutions


iPay Business BillPay - A full suite of online financial managment solutions designed to meet the distinct needs of small businesses.


iPay Consumer Bill Pay™ - Supports single or recurring payments and easily integrates with any Internet banking provider.


JHA EPS SmartPay Biller DirectSM - Strengthens customer relationships by simplifying billing and payment collection, reducing the cost of the accounts receivable process.


Remittance Solutions


RemitPlus® - Electronic check, remittance, and lockbox processing solution.


Profitability and Pricing Solutions


ProfitStars® Financial Performance Suite℠ - An integrated solution set that enables your institution to access pricing, profitability and CECL compliance tools all in one place.


The current ProfitStars Financial Performance Suite PSP lineup includes:


  • ProfitStars® Customer Profitability & PricingSM
  • ProfitStars® CECL DataStore and ValidationSM
  • ProfitStars® CECL Analysis and ReportingSM


Conversion Solutions


Enterprise Conversion Solutions™ - Enables institutions to reduce costs by securely converting and importing legacy systems data, as well as M&A content, into their current platforms.


ICBA Member Advantages

  • A 5% discount on Web Hosting licensing fees.
  • A 10% discount on Web Security solutions.
  • A 5% discount on RDC, RDX & RDA implementation fees.
  • A 5% discount on Banno Mobile installation fees.
  • A 10% discount on iPay and BillSimple installation fees.
  • A 10% discount on BusinessManager and RemitPlus licensing fees.
  • 10% off of the ProfitStars® Financial Performance Suite℠ Profitability and Pricing & CECL modules.