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About Us

iHELP is a private student loan program that enables banks to retain customers instead of losing them to the competition which in turn have an inside track to market additional products.  iHELP allows community banks to meet their customers’ educational financial needs while generating a profitable return on a safe, secure, insured product.  In addition, iHELP gives community banks the opportunity to serve their customers, invest in their communities, diversity their portfolios and attract new customers.  The iHELP student loan program is fully administered by Reunion Student Loan Finance Corporation (RSLFC), which provides ICBA community bank members with turnkey loan origination, servicing and compliance solutions.  RSLFC is a highly respected student loan originator and loan servicer with nearly 40 years of experience in all aspects of student lending. 


Program Features

iHELP works with community banks to market the student loan options to current and prospective customers and provides an opportunity to retain customers instead of them establishing new relationships with competitors.  By participating in the student loan space, banks can develop long-term relationships with their millennial customers.  Banks can participate in the program by funding loans and hold them for a profitable return as an Originating Lender, or they may join as a Referral Partner which would not involve funding loans but still make sure their customer's needs are met.


ICBA Member Advantages

  • Generate interest income as an Originating Lender
  • Generate referral fee income as a Referral Partner
  • No startup costs
  • Administration and compliance are managed by RSLFC

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