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The Independent Community Bankers of America® is the only national trade association dedicated exclusively to serving the interests of community banks. As part of our core mission, we strive to provide resources and access to quality solution providers to help community banks thrive!

For companies that support community banking and wish to engage community banks, ICBA offers Standard & Select corporate membership. ICBA corporate membership highlights innovative solutions providers and helps community banks connect with viable partners. Corporate membership provides platforms for companies to demonstrate their value to member banks through digital and print marketing/advertising, thought leadership, and event sponsorship. 

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Designations: Know the Difference

ICBA Standard Corporate Members

The standard level of membership for companies entering the industry. These companies may be new to the community banking industry or have services that, while valuable, are not specific to community banking. Standard membership is ideal for companies looking to grow their brand. 


ICBA Select Corporate Members

A membership level for companies highly engaged with community banks. They have higher visibility and engagement opportunities than Standard Corporate Members and are intricately linked to the success of member banks. These companies are premier supporters of the industry and receive exclusive member benefits throughout the year.


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Today, more than 80% of ICBA members use at least one ICBA PSP Service!

Join the thousands of ICBA members who are adding to their bottom lines and reaping the many benefits of participating in ICBA's Preferred Service Provider programs.

ICBA Preferred Service Providers (PSPs)

An elite group of market-leading solution providers that have earned the ICBA "Stamp of Approval.” To earn this coveted designation, providers must first be an ICBA Select corporate member. These companies are selected and reviewed by ICBA staff and the ICBA Bank Services Committee, comprised of community bankers. Providers are assessed on rigorous selection criteria, including financial strength, value to member banks, commitment to the community banking industry and national distribution capabilities. ICBA Preferred Service Providers help community banks to be more effective, more competitive and, ultimately, more profitable. In addition, ICBA Preferred Service Providers offer a unique benefit or value-add to ICBA community bank members.

As a community banker looking for solutions, we encourage you to visit our ICBA Solution Directory and filter on the Preferred Service Provider designation so that you can receive special deals and exceptional service from these vetted providers.

Questions about an ICBA Preferred Service Provider? Contact:


VP Preferred Services
Benjamin Buehler


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