Cyber & Data Security Toolkit

Who Should Use This Toolkit: Front-Line Marketing, Communications and Product Contacts at Issuing Financial Institutions

Purpose: Protect cardholder trust in payments by providing a practical guide to managing communications after a data compromise at a third party.

To more effectively combat a public relations crisis with a breach of card security, ICBA and Visa have teamed up to bring a special communications toolkit to community banks. This comprehensive communications guide gives community banks the means of communicating with card customers and the media within 24 hours of a data compromise. Having this contingency plan in place can make all the difference in a data breach episode.

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Notifications to customers about card activities:




Cyber Kit Security 4
Alert Alerting your customers to a potential security issue with their card
Reissue Providing your customers with an alert and reissue notification of their card
Delivery Providing an alert and delivery notification along with a customer’s new card

Download the Reactive Press Statement Template

Provide your customers with Visa's Customer Service Q&A Regarding Recent Card Security Breach


Share these tips with your consumers to help them protect their information by including them in your customer communications


Specific information detailing key considerations for community banks facing account compromises as well as details on the MasterCard and Visa account recovery programs.

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