About ICBA Mortgage

ICBA  Mortgage, a division of the ICBA Services Network provides community banks help in accessing the secondary market and provides the mortgage lending technology to efficiently grow their mortgage lending business while delivering outstanding service to their customers. Our relationships with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac enhance the ability of community banks to originate, deliver and service mortgage loans for both GSEs, and provides dedicated support for community bankers along with meaningful discounts on training programs offered by the GSEs. 

ICBA Mortgage’s partnership with Finastra Mortgagebot provides community bankers best in class mortgage origination and processing technology that enhances efficiency, keeps the bank compliant and helps mitigate secondary market exposure and risk from loan manufacturing errors, which helps reduce origination costs. Through ICBA’s partnership with Finastra Mortgagebot community bankers can seamlessly originate mortgage loans online, or through a mobile device and process, underwrite and close that loan  using the all of the latest technology to streamline the process.  

ICBA Mortgage programs level the playing fields and allow community banks to every family in their community make the American dream a reality. 

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Gary Teagno
President and CEO


HaynieRon-5026r-5x7Ron Haynie

Executive Vice President - Mortgage Services