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Good Afternoon,

Well, after days of political maneuvering, the debate on financial reform began in the Senate today. Yesterday, before the Republican caucus announced that it would give consent for the bill to be sent to the Senate floor, ICBA sent every single member of the United States Senate this letter and addendum that clearly lays out where ICBA stands on this bill and the changes we seek. ICBA wants all community banks to know where we stand on the issues and what we will be fighting to achieve in any financial reform bill. We don't want any community banker guessing where ICBA stands on these very critical issues.

Since the financial crisis began nearly three years ago, ICBA has been a clear, uncompromised voice for strong Wall Street reforms and bringing accountability to those firms that triggered the crisis and caused so much pain for us all. ICBA has consistently advocated for bringing parity and balance throughout the nation's financial services system in examinations, enforcement and access to capital. ICBA will continue to fight for these principles in any financial reform bill that may pass in the immediate weeks ahead or in the years to come.

You may agree or disagree with our policy positions, but I admire the dedication and spirit of everyone in the community banking industry. It is an industry in which I have worked nearly my entire career, first as a community bank president and owner and now as an advocate for the rightful place of community banks in our financial system.

ICBA will not rest until all community banks achieve an equal place, equal treatment and equal voice in our nation's financial sector.

Best regards,


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