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On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

At ICBA our mission is clear: Fight for community banks. Represent and advocate your point of view. Promote and protect your franchise value!

From our victory over Wal-Mart to our latest victories in representing your interests—and only your interests—during the current financial crisis, ICBA has been clear-eyed and unconflicted.

There are no Wall Street skyscrapers to block our view of the community bank landscape. On a clear day, ICBA can see community banks from coast to coast and from border to border. Wall Street is not part of our view—and ICBA will never allow our view to be clouded by accepting compromised legislation that benefits Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Wall Street is represented in Washington by many trade associations—Main Street banks have ICBA.

ICBA takes pride in its exclusivity. The vast majOn a Clear Day You Can See Forever,ority of FDIC-insured banks in this nation are community banks. They deserve their own voice in Washington just like the Wall Street crowd has. Community banks should not have to compromise their principles through a muddled “One Voice for the Industry,” because the truth is that when the voices are blended together, the community bank voice is drowned out by the thundering bellows of Wall Street.

Community banks must have an uncompromisingly clear and strong voice. Community banks must have an ICBA not only to be heard, but also to keep Wall Street and other financial trade groups “honest brokers.”

Without ICBA, who would give you a voice? You saw the initial attitude of some U.S. Treasury officials—“only a few small institutions will be affected”—a throwaway line. ICBA spoke out immediately and loudly, protesting such cavalier indifference. Without ICBA, it would not take long before your point of view was lost amid the skyscrapers of Wall Street, Chicago, Charlotte and San Francisco.

ICBA’s view is crystal clear! And when we stay united and speak with one community bank voice, then every day is a clear day, and we will ensure that we see the community bank franchise on Main Street forever.