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Working Inside the Bush Tax Plan

WWR Article
January 17, 2003

Working Inside the Bush Tax Plan

As the saying goes, "the devil is in the detail." As the President promotes his new economic growth package of tax relief, ICBA has been working closely with top administration officials to get the important details on the workings of the President's plan while lobbying our priorities.

We are encouraged that a high Treasury official told ICBA to "watch the President's budget for Subchapter S changes," hinting there may be some much needed liberalization of restrictive S Corporation rules. Such action was first initiated by ICBA working directly with former Treasury Secretary O'Neill.

Your trade association is getting your views, concerns, and questions directly to key policymakers as the tax debate continues. Please continue to provide us with your opinions on the tax proposals being debated. See ICBA's Web site, www.icba.org, for proposed tax-relief information and analysis.