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Last update: 10/20/14

Call Report Modernization Program Testing is Announced

JANUARY 30, 2004


Call Report Modernization Program Testing is Announced

The banking agencies announced that they are ready to begin testing their new Central Data Repository (CDR) for the collection and distribution of Call Report data and that all banks will be required to use the new system beginning with Call Reports for September 30, 2004. The new system will improve the validation and distribution of Call Report data so that users will be able to quickly retrieve the data when it becomes available.

The testing will be conducted in three phases-Functional Pilot, End-to-End Test and 100+ Bank Test. The Functional Pilot will start in April 2004 and involve fifteen banks using entirely test data. The End-to-End Test will include thirty banks and use a sample of the bank's data as well as test data. The 100+Bank Test will include 100 banks and use the bank's most recent quarter-end data. Beginning with the Call Report for the quarter ending September 30, 2004, all banks will be required to file their Call Report data via the Internet to the CDR.

The banking agencies have contracted with Unisys Corporation to build the CDR and have been working with Call Report software vendors to modify the software that banks will be using to submit the Call Report data. ICBA has been providing input to the banking agencies on the CDR project.

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